Mad Prophet's Sanctuary

Paul Gallant and Joanne Eisen RKBA Commentaries

The Mad Prophet's Sanctuary is proud to now host the commentaries of Doctors Paul Gallant and Joanne Eisen, research associates with the Independence Institute.  Their commentaries are often featured in the "Second Amendment" column of Guns & Ammo magazine.

Gun Control Won't Stop The Madness.

The "Hobby" of Self-Defense.

Packing Heat: The Safest Bet.

The "Marginal Relevance" of Saving Lives.

Smoking Guns.

Beyond NICS: How Many Ways Can You Say "Registration?

Guns & the Constitution: A Double Standard.

Goodbye Dodge City.

Epidemic of Gun Violence, or More Lies?

Book's Premise: More Guns, Less Crime.

Opposing View on the 'Right' to Bear Arms (and rebuttal).

'Reasonable Gun Control' In The United States Is An Oxymoron.

Challenging the Premise of Gun Control.

Kids and Guns: The Politics Of Panic in the United States.

Good Laws, Bad Laws, and Outlaws.

Black Markets, Fast Guns, & Tall Tales

The Second Victimization OF Kayla Rolland

Canada: Lies to the North of Us

Yes, There is Court Precedence for American "Right to Bear Arms"

The Cost of Saving Kayla

Kids & Guns: Exploiting Tragedy

With Ghoulish Intent

The Myth of Black Market Guns

Civil Disobedience in Canada: It Just Happened to be Guns

Book Review: More Guns, Less Crime, 2nd Edition

When Liberalism Meant Liberty for All, A Debate on Guns Was Still Possible

Defending Gun Shows

Living in fear...of Gun-Control Laws.

Two Views on School Shootings