Mad Prophet's Sanctuary

GunFree Campstm

While we can't take the guns out of society, we can take the society away from the guns. At GunFree Campstm , we create a domain of tranquility where you and your family can experience the benefits of a gun-free environment.

Manzanar Internment Camp

Each of our camps is a gated community, designed to keep harmful guns away from the camp inhabitants. Security measures ensure that horrible guns will be kept outside. Each GunFree Camptm boasts 24 hour sentries, high-security fences, guard dogs, trenches, and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to make sure the guns stay out. Rigidly controlled access to the camp ensures that no guns can be smuggled in.

In addition, extra safety precautions are taken within the camp. Camp members are given distinctive uniforms to distinguish them from any gun-toting barbarians who may attempt sneak in.

Nazi Concentration Camp Prisoner

Each resident is also given a distinctive identification number to make sure only that only our kind of people are within the camp.

Room and board are provided to each resident in exchange* for rewarding tasks that will give each resident a sense of accomplishment by demonstrating that people can live in a community without gun violence.

For more information send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

The Minnesota Center for Individual Liberty
P.O. Box 32170
Minneapolis, MN 55432-0170

* In addition to a club initiation fee.

GunFree and GunFree Camps are a registered trademark of The Minnesota Center for Individual Liberty.

Here's a pamphlet version that can printed out on a duplex printer or copied using the double-side feature of a photocopy machine.

Make sure your favorite hoplophobes get a copy.

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