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Gun Grabbers' Bleats

If guns were banned...

Occasionally you'll hear one of the less subtle proponents of victim disarmament (a.k.a. "gun control") let slip their true agenda: the removal of all guns from the hands of private citizens. I don't think most people have given this a lot of thought. I know that those who champion the natural right of self-defense have given a lot of thought towards it, after all, the twentieth century has been one big demonstration of the lethality of gun control. I know the masterminds of the victim disarmament movement have given it plenty of thought, and are salivating at the idea of having the people whom they like controlling the guns, while the people they don't like will be left without any effective means of self-defense. The high and mighty of the victim disarmament jihad regard everyone outside of their circle of acquaintances as dimwitted buffoons - poster children for the population control measures which they also support. As Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot have shown us, it is a lot easier to "control populations" when those you wish to "control" aren't shooting back.

But I digress. Most people haven't given a single thought as to what a gun free America would look like. They blithely assume that America will become some crime free idyllic wonderland where jaywalking makes the front page of the local paper.

Let's pretend that there was a national gun confiscation drive, and that everyone turned them in. Assume that there would be no reactions like the colonists had when the British tried to seize the depot at Concord in 1775. Let's also pretend that all criminals become mystically overpowered by civic duty and turned in their guns.

Okay, magic pretend time is over. This is now the set of sociological conditions that those gun grabbers with good intentions want to see. But what is it that the rest of us will see?

Sociological Impact

Since violent crime has preceded the invention of gunpowder, it will still be with us when all the guns are gone. Human nature has not changed (remember, magic pretend time is over). Violent crime will increase for reasons that I will discuss later. In response to rising crime, people will have to pull together and form clans similar to extended rural families in order to provide a mutual defense. It will probably not be very likely for single women or old people to live on their own, since they will inevitably become the target of choice for the criminal element.

People will start disrespecting the law as they did during prohibition. Some may start to manufacture their own black powder arms and other defensive contraptions. There will be a substantial number of injuries that will occur when the frightened populace starts to test and use these devices. Like bathtub gin and tainted drugs, there will be little incentive for those producing guns to take great pains in the quality control department. Expect the government to start cracking down on these illegal guns. But since all civilian guns will be illegal, they won't be going after the gun manufacturers, gun shops, or gun shows anymore. They are going to have to start targeting those who have the capability of making them. That means you, especially If you work in a machine shop or Junior is taking metal shop at school. Expect the police to make a lot of unannounced nighttime visits.

Economic Impact

There will be a lot of people who suddenly find themselves unemployed if vast segment of their market is eliminated. I suppose they could always get jobs turning out illegal flintlocks. Several billion dollars a year will flow into the untaxed underground economy. Of course the government will have to do something about that, too. Expect to pay more in taxes to support the unemployed people in the gun industry. Pay more for their retraining. Pay still more for the extra surveillance that will be required to make sure these people aren't making illegal guns in their basements.

If you haven't noticed, the war on drugs hasn't put much of a damper on drug traffickers. Joseph McNamara, former Chief of Police for Kansas City states that there is 20,000% markup on drugs. If the same holds true for guns, then a handgun that costs $500 today will run well into five figures. Expect a flourishing gun black market. Expect to pay more taxes to combat that, too.

Look for prices in general to go up when there are no more guns. Some businesses will be particularly vulnerable to marauders when they have little means to defend themselves. And these won't be the traditional high-robbery risk businesses like taxi driver or convenience store clerk. Expect rural businesses such as farms to be hard hit by crime, since there is often very little in the way of law enforcement in rural areas. Since this is where your food comes from, you'll probably be paying more at the check-out register at your local grocery store.

But some people might benefit economically from a gun ban, such as security services and martial arts schools. I would consider investing heavily in them, since I think that the demand for these services will go through the roof, along with their tuition fees and service contracts.

Criminological Impact

As I've alluded to earlier, crime will increase if there are no guns held in private hands. Professor John Lott has authored a comprehensive study showing that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens reduces crime. Criminologist Gary Kleck has estimated that firearms are used over 2.5 million times each year to prevent crimes. Anti-gun researcher Jens Ludwig found a higher number of defensive uses, but he discredits his own research. Instead of these 2.5 million crimes being averted, many of them will occur and have tragic consequences for the victims. Australia, a country in many ways like the United States, effectively banned private ownership of guns, and their crime rates have dramatically increased. Even the gun grabbers know that guns prevent crime. When have you ever seen someone put up one of those gun free home signs in their front window?

As I've mentioned before, there will be a huge increase in the black market for illegal guns. Many people who would never purchase something from the black market will begin doing so. Most people normally shun the black market, because it sells things they don't want. But people will want guns. There's a big difference between someone wanting to score a nickel bag and someone who needs a gun because they fear for either their life or the lives of their family.

Also expect to have the inevitable turf wars that occur with black markets. But this time the turf may not be confined to inner cities. This time the turf the gangs could be fighting over is in your subdivision. But look at the bright side, you'll probably be able to contract out for protection services from them.

Now you may ask where the police will be in all of this. Good question. A lot of them are going to be involved fighting a "war on guns". Your protection is a secondary concern. You were aware of course, that the police have no legal duty to protect you, weren't you? In any event, the police are going to have to drastically change the way they operate. The days of two cops in squad car will be over. I don't think police officers are going to be too keen on the idea of wandering around in the dark around dangerous criminals while having a gun with a street value of $40,000 strapped to their belt. For their own safety, the police are either going to have to operate totally under cover as a covert police unit, or they are going to resemble a US Army Infantry Squad. Of course, each of these options are going to affect your response time when you dial 911. Bone up on how to be entertaining to the gang of thugs who might break into your house tonight. They have the advantage of knowing when they will be coming. And they know you won't be armed.

Things I've Left Out

I've deliberately left out the all too real possibility that the State will become abusive when they alone hold all the guns. For those who say that kind of thing can't happen in this country, pay close attention on how many people go to jail as a result of the reopening of the Waco investigation.

If guns were treated like cars...

Another common bleat from the gun grabbers is that we ought to treat guns like cars. This is an obvious call for gun registration. A good way to counter such a moronic proposal is to say "Sure, why not? Let's treat guns exactly like cars.

So a fourteen year old kid can buy an M2 (Browning fifty caliber machinegun), no questions asked, no forms to fill out, AND the gummint pays for two thirds of it? What a wonderful idea!"

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