Lewis MALLARD (Elijah1) was born about 1797 in North Carolina probably Duplin County. There are several reasons we believe Lewis Mallard is a son of Elijah.

As Elijah's son he would have came to Georgia with his parents and sister in 1807 (about ten years old). He lived in Lincoln, Columbia and Warren counties with his parents and siblings. In Warren County he met and married Hannah RICKETSON. Lewis and Hannah were married on January 05, 1823 in Warren County, Georgia.

The RICKETSON family were from Craven and Jones County (Jones was part of Craven until 1778) , North Carolina. The RICKETSON'S knew the MALLARD family in North Carolina. Hannah's uncle Jesse RICKETSON knew Elijah MALLARD in North Carolina. Hannah was born on May 25, 1799 in Warren County, Georgia. She is the daughter of Benjamin and Huldah Lathrop RICKETSON.

Lewis and Hannah had at least six children: William Fletcher MALLARD, A.(llan?) Turner MALLARD, Rebecca A. MALLARD, John Wesley MALLARD, Elizabeth Huldah MALLARD, George R.(eitas?) MALLARD and Almeda Malissa MALLARD.

The 1860 census lists Lewis' profession as Methodist Minister. I believe that Lewis and Hannah moved to Baker County, Georgia in the late 1830s or early 1840s. So far I have been unable to find a census record for Lewis' family in the 1840 and 1850 census.

They show up in the 1860 census of Mitchell County, which had been part of Baker County until 1857. Sometime shortly after 1860 they moved to Decatur County, Georgia. Lewis died on May 15, 1862 in Decatur County, Georgia. He is buried at the Branchville United Methodist Church Cemetery in Mitchell County. Hannah passed away shortly afterwards on December 23, 1862 also in Decatur County, Georgia. The Southern Christian Advocate dated April 16, 1863: "Mrs. Hannah Mallard, died 23rd December 1862 in her 68th year. She lived and died a consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. May her children follow her example and meet her in the good world."

Mary F. MALLARD (Elijah1) was born about 1811 in Georgia probably Lincoln County. We believe Mary is Elijah's daughter for the following reason:

  • First, Eliza Mallard MERRETT's son lived with her in the 1870 census.
  • Secondly, she lived with Eliza's son in the 1880 census and her relationship to him is aunt
  • Thirdly, she lived in the home of Almeda Mallard DUVALL in 1850 census
  • Mary lived with her parents in Lincoln, Columbia and Warren Counties. Being a single woman she most likely would have moved to Baker County when her parents did. In 1850 she is single living with her sister Almeda in Floyd County. Her age is given as 38 years old (1811 or 1812) and born in Georgia. Can't find her in the 1860 census (she is not living with her sisters, Almeda, Eliza or her brothers).

    She may have eventually lived with Eliza. Eliza's family moved to DeKalb County, Georgia in 1850's. Mary married a widower, Walter WADSWORTH, on November 2, 1869 in DeKalb County. Walter was born on March 5, 1801 in Hartford, Connecticut. He was a master tinsmith. In 1870 she lives with him in the Decatur District of DeKalb County. Eliza's son James lives with them as Walter's apprentice.

    Walter passed away on November 5, 1875 in DeKalb County. He is buried at the Decatur Cemetery in Decatur, DeKalb County. In 1880 Mary is living on Randolph Street in Atlanta, Fulton County. She lives with her nephew James and his wife.

    I can't find her in 1900, her nephew still lives in Atlanta. So my presumption is she passed away before 1900. Her husband had a family plot at Decatur Cemetery, most of them are unmarked.

    John Wesley MALLARD (Elijah1) was born about 1813 in North Carolina probably in Duplin County. We believe Elijah's other son was our John Wesley MALLARD. This is believed for several reasons.

  • First, a J. W. MALLARD is listed in the same home with Elijah and the MERRETTS in 1850.
  • Secondly, John married in Franklin County in 1854
  • Thirdly, David MALLARD, John Wesley MALLARD'S grandson, believed he was born in Baker County, Georgia.
  • Finally, it seems logical that a Methodist Minister would name a son John Wesley.
  • The age given for J. W. listed in the 1850 record is 39 years old (1810 or 1811) born in North Carolina. In the 1860 U. S. Census for Franklin County, Georgia, John's age is given as 47 years old (1812 or 1813) and born in North Carolina. One problem is that according to Elijah's obit they came to Georgia in 1807, but John was born 1810 to 1813 in North Carolina. Elijah may have returned to North Carolina around the time of John's birth.

    According to Military records of The War of 1812, an Elijah MALLARD served in the North Carolina Militia. This Elijah served as a Private in the Ninth Company commanded by Captain Bryan GLISSEN. Ninth Company was from Duplin County Militia. It was in the Second North Carolina Infantry Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Simon BRUTON. Second Regiment was in the First Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Thomas DAVIS. This Brigade was in Brown's Division commanded by Major General Thomas Brown. This Elijah was stationed at Deepwater Point, near Fort Johnston, North Carolina commanded by Major John A. LILLINGTON of Second Regiment. The period of service was from July 25, 1812 until October 21, 1812. Our Elijah would have been about 41 years old, whereas his father would have been in his sixties or older. Also Elijah, Senior was exempted from military service due to infirmities.

    Further Elijah may have returned to North Carolina because of the death of his father. The probate of Elijah, Senior estate was in 1813. It is also possibly that John was born in Lincoln or Columbia County, Georgia.

    Nevertheless, eventually John did move to Franklin County, Georgia. He married a Mary Emily VARNER (also spelled VERNER), on January 01, 1854 in Franklin County, Georgia. John and Mary were joined in the Holy State of Matrimony by W. F. BOWERS a Justice of the Inferior Court. Mary was born about 1823 in Anderson County, Pendleton District, South Carolina. She is the daughter of David and Judith "Judy" Priddy VERNER, Jr.

    Her Paternal Grandfather, David VERNER, was a veteran of the American Revolutionary War. He served as a Sergeant in a South Carolina Infantry Regiment commanded by a Colonel Anderson. This regiment served with General Andrew Pickens' Guerrilla Patriot Brigade. During the Battle of Cowpens, Pickens' Brigade served under General Daniel Morgan's Division of the Continental Army.

    John's profession was given as an overseer in the 1850 census. Webster's dictionary defines an overseer as "a person who has charge of a place, an institution, a department, etc." His brother-in-law's, John B. MERRETT, profession was given as a Wool Carder. A Wool Carder was one that used a card to disentangle wool fibers so that they could be spinned. A card was a wire tooth brush or a machine fitted with rows of wire teeth. I believe that the Merrett's had a Wool Carder Mill near Franklin Springs. The 1860 census gives John's profession as a Miller. Webster's defines a miller as "one who keeps or operates a mill, especially a grain mill." Both titles sound like the same job a manager, just possibly different types of business. John and Mary were the parents of three children. Their children were as follows: Luticia F. "Tisher" MALLARD born about 1856, William Causby Dawson MALLARD and Lewis Anthony MALLARD twins born February 04, 1859.

    John suffered severely with rheumatism. Rheumatism is a disease characterized by stiffness of the joints or muscles, with pain on motion, etc., specifically such a disease with fever and heart disease, or with deformity. He died in January 1865 near Carnesville, Franklin County, Georgia. John is buried at The Crossroads Baptist Church Cemetery, located near Carnesville.

    Until the 1870's, Mary and her children lived near her mother and sister in Franklin County. In early 1870's Mary and her sons moved about twenty-five miles west to Jackson County, Georgia. They lived in a rural community called Dry Pond. Dry Pond was near the city of Pendergrass. The reason for their move is not known, I am sure it must have had to do with income. It doesn't appear John left his family anything. It might be possible that Mary didn't move to Jackson County until 1876.

    Mary remarried to a Thomas BLACKBURN. They were married on July 28, 1876 in Jackson County, Georgia. Thomas was born about 1820 in Georgia. Thomas died on August 13, 1887 at the Farm of a neighbor, Charles T. "Charlie" GREEN, in Jackson County, Georgia.

    Luticia continued to live in Franklin County. She lived with her maternal grandmother, Judith "Judy" VERNER. According to family tradition, Mary didn't have any contact with her family in Franklin County after their move.

    Mary died in 1893 in Jackson County, Georgia. She is buried at The Harrison Family Graveyard, located near Pendergrass.

    Almeda M. MALLARD (Elijah1) was born December 1815 in Georgia probably Lincoln County. She lived in Lincoln, Columbia and Warren counties with her parents. Her parents were granted land in Baker County and were given the official deed in 1835. Her parents must not have moved to Baker County right away because she was married in Lincoln County.

    Almeda married James C.(alvin?) DUVALL on February 20, 1839 in Lincoln County, Georgia. James was born about 1816 in North Carolina. I believe him to be the son of Archibald and Mary DUVALL. They had the following children: Georgia A. C. DUVALL, Savanah A. DUVALL, Augusta L. DUVALL, Columbus William P. DUVALL, Thomas M. DUVALL, Mary V. "Mollie" DUVALL and Emma N. DUVALL.

    The DUVALL'S are listed in the 1840 census of Lincoln County, Georgia. They had one female under six years old, Georgia. They were living in Floyd County, Georgia in 1850. James' profession was listed as a mechanic. They contiued to live in Floyd County in 1860. They lived in the 855 Georgia Militia District (GMD) also called the North Carolina District. Can't find them yet in 1870, but their daughter Georgia is living in Mississippi.

    In 1880 Almeda was living near Sardis in Panola County, Mississippi, she is a widow. She lives with her son, Columbus, and daughters, Mollie and Emma. Her daughter Georgia and family live near by. In 1900 Almeda is still living in Panola County. In that census it says she is the mother of seven but only five are alive. Four of the five are Georgia, Columbus, Mollie and Emma. One of two not living was Thomas. Not sure which of the other two, Savanah or Augusta, is still living.

    Almeda passed away sometime before 1910, most likley in Panola County since most of her children still lived there in 1910.

    Eliza W. MALLARD (Elijah1) was born about 1821 in Columbia County, Georgia. She lived with her parents in Columbia, Warren and Lincoln County, Georgia. In Lincoln County she met and married John B. MERRETT. They were married on December 18, 1838. John was born about 1804 in Virginia. They had the following children: Mary V. MERRETT, James B. MERRETT, Letitcia F. MERRETT, Gabrella MERRETT, Louisanna R. "Anna" MERRETT and Georgia A. MERRETT.

    In the 1840 census they lived in the 184th Militia District of Lincoln County. This is located in the south western portion of the county near the Columbia County line. The census lists them in the agriculture profession (aka farming). Three white males are listed in the household. Two between the ages of 20 and 29 (1811 and 1820) and one between the ages of 15 and 19 (1821 and 1825). One of the 20 to 29 year old must be John they other two could be farm hands. Eliza's brother John Wesley "JW" MALLARD lived with the in 1850 perhaps he is the other 20 to 29 year old.

    Eliza and John moved from Lincoln County to Franklin County in the 1840s. John's, profession was given as a Wool Carder in the 1850 census. A Wool Carder was one that used a card to disentangle wool fibers so that they could be spinned. A card was a wire tooth brush or a machine fitted with rows of wire teeth. I believe that the Merrett's had a Wool Carder Mill near Franklin Springs.

    Sometime in the 1850's the family moved to DeKalb County, Georgia near Decatur. John's profession is listed as a Farmer in the 1860 census. I do not know much more about John and Eliza beyond the 1860 census.

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