Cato, ADCH, MX, AXJ   Born 14 September 1999  (Pedigree)

OFA Good, Elbows Clear, CEA Normal, Annual CERFS clear

Solid and stylish Open dog, regularly placing.  Trial winner.  Cato and I made it to the semi final round at the USBCHA nationals this year.  He's my main farm dog as well.  Cato is an easy dog to work, focused, takes commands immediately while always thinking one step ahead.  He is an intense and stylish worker.  He's a smart outrunner that does well on difficult fields.  He holds the line well while driving.  He is a strong eyed dog yet he flanks and walks onto his stock.  Cato reads his stock extremely well.  He's a great work dog and I'll always have him on the field while working green dogs.  He'll watch quietly in the wings and be there in an instant if things go wrong.  This is an easy dog to have around.  He'll spend hours waiting quietly and watching at a trial, then be 150% ready to work, calm and focused, when it is his turn.  He is outgoing with people and dogs, trustworthy in any environment, and actually enjoys trucks, tractors, chain saws, gun shots and other loud noises.  

  Photos by Sharon Perkins














                                                         Moving to the pen after the marked shed in the semi final round.  Photo by Tom Leigh.                                            




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