Rhyme  ABC 249368  CBCA 3372 / Imp. Ken ABC 204289

Pups born 17 Feb 2007, 4 girls and 2 boys  All puppies are spoken for.

Rhyme is OFA Good, Elbows Clear, CEA Normal     Ken is OFA Good.  Ken's sire Bob is CEA Normal.

Pups will be ABCA registered.    Click here to email me about this litter  or call (978) 649-6736

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Rhyme is a rather pushy young bitch, but coming along nicely in training.  She's got a lovely bend in both directions while being very direct on her drives.  She really marches the stock on a line.  She's very well put together and extremely athletic.  Plenty of stock confidence.  She's done some agility between sheep work.  Plenty of drive, biddable, and a tremendous natural jumper.  She can turn on a dime.

Ken is a trial winner and regularly in the top 10 with limited trialing.  He's good to his stock and handles aggressive stock with calm authority.  He's been breeding well, producing pups that are thoughtful and easy to train with plenty of talent and stock confidence.


Pup Pedigree      
      Moss ISDS 133525  
    Carl ISDS 188967 B.Dawson, West Yorks.  
    R. Collins, Scot. Nora ISDS 142296  
  ##Bob ISDS 224454   R. Collins, W. Yorks. Eng.  
  Aled Owen   ##Davy ISDS 131049  
  Breeder: D. Patrick, Yorks Nell ISDS 171678 Sydney Price, England  
    D. Patrick, England Bwlch Nell ISDS 126948  
Imp. Ken ABC 204289     Mrs. B. Jones, Wales  
Roger Deschambeault     #Ben ISDS 129820  
  Breeder: Aled Owen   Bwlch Hemp ISDS 201604 Aled Owen, Wales  
    Mrs. C. S. Rundle Dell ISDS 172782  
  Kate ISDS 226291   Hope Hanson  
  Aled Owen   Spot ISDS 188876  
  Breeder: J E Lightfoot, UK Twiggy ISDS 198145 R. Fernghough, Wales  
    Miss K. Humphreys, Wales Jill ISDS 161797  
      Miss K. Humphreys, Wales  
    ##Sweep ISDS 180949 Bill  ISDS 159525  
    R. Henderson, Scot. R. Henderson, Scot.  
  Imp. Moss ABC 245564 J. Taylor Midge  ISDS 162829  
  Joni Swanke   J. Taylor, Scot.  
  Breeder: David Kinloch Kim  ISDS 233768 Moss  ISDS 213331  
    David Kinloch Alasdair MacRae  
Rhyme ABC 249368   L.M. Brownlie, Scot. Meg  ISDS 215003  
Maria Amodei     A. Carnegie, Scotland  
Breeder: Kate Broadbent   Imp. Tass CABC 134720 #Pip ISDS 124578  
  Scotia Rose CBCA 916 Kate Broadbent T. Flood, Ireland  
  Kate Broadbent O. Brennan, Eire, EI Gale  ISDS 165148  
  Breeder:   Hillary Flower   O. Brennan  
                 Lunenburg, NS. Bergen Sarah CABC 128117 Sport ABC 37008  
  William Flower, NS Dean Stewart, SK
Ron Gale, AB Bergen Cher  ABC 63338
      Ron Gale, AB  



##Sweep ISDS 180949
International Supreme 1998

Supreme runner-up 1996

Scottish National Driving Championship 1998


#Pip ISDS 124578

Irish National Championship three times and Irish Brace Champion in 1989


Imp. Moss ABC 245564

Litter brother to Bobby Henderson's Bill who was 4th at the International at 4 years of age

Moss was the 2003 Scottish National Brace Champion with Fly handled by Peter Martin 


Imp. Tass CABC 134720 (ISDS 195299)

Irish National Team 1993

Cahills Tass, 1995 Irish Champion


##Bob ISDS 224454

World Champion (Bala) 2002

International Supreme 2000


#Ben  ISDS 129820

Welsh National Champion 1985


##Davy ISDS 131049

International Supreme Champion 1987


Individual Puppy Information

Birth Order 1 2 3 4 5 6
Litter Name Song Tuck Streak Gust Sister Tipper
New Name Song Verve Streak Fern Wink Cap
Birth Time 2:30 AM 5:50 AM 6:22 AM 6:40 AM 9:20 AM 10:15 AM
Birth Weight 11 oz 14 oz 10 oz 12 oz 15 oz 14 oz
Markings b/w, white nose, wide blaze over back of skull, points b/w, white nose, split face, white on left, X on back of neck, points b/w, white collar, narrow blaze, white on right side of nose,  points b/w, full white right side of face, points b/w, white nose, white collar, no blaze, points b/w, white nose, wide blaze, collar, left ear tip, points
Sex Bitch Dog Bitch Bitch Bitch Dog
Status I'm keeping her Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold

Puppy Photos

Here they are at various ages part way grown up

#1 Girl "Song"

6 months old

#2 Boy "Verve"

6 months old

#3 Girl "Streak"

 10 weeks old

#4 Girl "Fern"

4 months old

#5 Girl "Wink"

6 months old

#6 Boy "Cap"

10 weeks old


8 weeks old on 14 April... .  Verve has already left.  Cap, Wink and Fern leave this week.  Song will be staying with me and we'll have Streak until mid-May when she gets a ride to her new home.

#1 Girl Song They all want out:  Streak, Wink,  Song, Cap, Fern #3 Girl "Streak"
#3 Girl Fern #5 Girl Wink #6 Boy Cap
Streak and Fern





Song chases Cap Song, Wink & Streak



Wink, Cap & Song



6 weeks old on 31 March... .  My how they have changed.  Here's some shots to look at structure.

#1 Girl "Song" #2 Boy "Tuck" #3 Girl "Streak"
#4 Girl "Gust" #5 Girl "Sister" #6 Boy "Tipper"


4 1/2 weeks old on 22 March... .  Finally a reasonable day to play on the deck.

#1 Girl "Song" #2 Boy "Tuck" #3 Girl "Streak"
#3 Girl "Gust" #5 Girl "Sister" #6 Boy "Tipper"
Sister on left and Tipper on the right Song in front, Tuck in the middle & Tipper in the back Tipper & Sister  &  Streak sitting


4 weeks old on 18 March...

#2 Boy "Tuck" #6 Boy "Tipper"

16 March... . It's been bitter cold outside so we're using the living room for puppy play sessions.  Paper towels are a big item.

3 weeks old on 11 March... .  We went outside today.  Of course the sun went in and the wind came up as soon as we got out there.  The ground was cold and wet to.  They tried exploring briefly then huddled.  We went back in  They are eating some ground meat now.  That's a hit.  It has certainly moved me up in their esteem. 

#1 Girl "Song" #2 Boy "Tuck" #4 Girl "Gust" &

#3 Girl "Streak"

Sun's in, wind is up, and the ground is wet.  Time to huddle. #5 Girl "Sister" #6 Boy "Tipper"

13 days old on 2 March... Eyes are starting to open.  Walking started Monday, the smaller ones first.

#1 Girl "Song" #2 Boy "Tuck" #3 Girl "Streak"
#4 Girl "Gust" #5 Girl "Sister" #6 Boy "Tipper"

6 days old on 23 February...

#1 Girl "Song" #2 Boy "Tuck" #3 Girl "Streak"
#4 Girl "Gust" #5 Girl "Sister" #6 Boy "Tipper"

  Four days old, mom needs to relax too.

  Just a few hours old here.


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