Mel  ABC 249368  / Cato ABC 204289

Pups born 12/21/2007

Mel is OFA Good, elbows normal, CEA Normal     Cato is OFA Good, elbows normal, CEA Normal

Pups will be ABCA registered.    Click here to email me about this litter  or call (978) 649-6736

There are no more puppies available from this litter. 

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Mel is a very forward and confident dog on stock.  She has no tension, flanks freely.  You can put her wherever you want her.  She's a stable and friendly bitch. 

Cato is a trial winner and very consistent performer in Open.  He's a smart outrunner, and excellent driving dog.  He has a fair amount of eye, yet flanks freely and moves onto his stock.  He reads stock well.  He is a dog with the confidence to take all commands at the tough spots on the field and keep control of his stock.  He is extremely stable and outgoing.  Cato and I will be going to the World trial in 2008.

Both parents are quite intense on stock. 


Pup Pedigree        
      Wattie  ISDS 162693 York ISDS 127630  
    Scott  ISDS 189240 J. Welsh, Wigtown, Scot DI  ISDS 126147  
    D. Brady Jet  ISDS 157747 Jim ISDS 125956  
  Imp. Jim ABC 133041   M. O'Boyle, N. Ireland Gem ISDS 114639  
  A. MacRae/Bobby Ford   #Roy  ISDS 114678 Moss  ISDS 103923  
  Breeder: F.W. MacGregor Cran  ISDS 181688 J.J. Templeton, Scotland Lass  ISDS 92191  
    F.W. MacGregor Jan  ISDS 128237 #Ben ISDS 88284  
Cato ABC 156023     W. Wilson, Scotland Meg  ISDS 115134  
Maria Amodei     Don  ISDS 141536 ##Bill  ISDS 78263  
  Breeder: Alasdair MacRae   Sweep  ISDS 193019 E.W. Edwards Fly  ISDS 125053  
                G. Maginn Sally  ISDS 177236 Dryden Spam  ISDS 112653  
  Imp. Jan ABC 153987   Mrs. Harrison, England Tess  ISDS 155989  
  Alasdair S. MacRae   Buff  ISDS 158383 Ben  ISDS 119207  
  Breeder: W J Irwin Kim  ISDS 192206 W. Watt Gale  ISDS 140928  
     W. J. Irwin Lass  ISDS 168402 Chip  ISDS 122248  
      W.J. Irwin Cindy  ISDS 157560  
      Rhaiadr Zac ISDS 94341 Rex ISDS 78894  
    #Ben ISDS 129820 Miss A. Edwards Rhaiadr Fly ISDS 81521  
  ##Roy  ISDS 200199 Aled Owen Fan ISDS 102412 Moss ISDS  84044  
  Aled Owen   Roy Williams Meg ISDS 71722  
  Breeder:   Mac ISDS 116944 Tweed ISDS 92886  
    Nel ISDS 174815 Wm. D. Jones Fly ISDS 103521  
Mel ABC   Aelwyn Owen Lil ISDS 141181 Craig ISDS 72737  
Darlene Hutchins     Aelwyn Owen Jess ISDS 96742  
Breeder: R.W. Jones     Don ISDS 193234 Gunner Keele ISDS 148409  
  Mist ISDS 232413 Storm ISDS 207568 J.R. Jackman Sue ISDS 135195  
  A. Owen J.M. Ellis Jan ISDS 161939 Ben ISDS 144542  
  Breeder:    J. Palmer Maggie ISDS 140478  
                   Cap ISDS 157014 Tweed ISDS 96650  
  Mist ISDS 223119 P.D. Ellis Lark ISDS 125718
P.D. Ellis Deerplay Mist ISDS 165943 Cap ISDS 142018
      P.D. Ellis Barfield Maid ISDS 154535  


Individual Puppy Information

Birth Order 1 3 4 5 6 7 8
Birth Time 3:00 PM 4:09 PM 5:28 PM 6:45 PM 8:15 PM 10:40 PM 11:15 PM
Birth Weight 10 oz 12 oz 11 oz 12 oz 12 oz 13 oz 12 oz
Markings Thin white collar, nose and snip Front legs white, white back of neck, flared snip White on back of neck, nose, paws Black, tiny white points, small white spot on back of neck full narrow collar, white nose and snip, white legs Almost all black head, wide collar Lots of white, full blaze, white left shoulder
Sex Bitch Dog Bitch Dog Dog Dog Dog
Litter Name Vesta Lugh Elf Rune Fenrir Tyr Fingal
Name Kim Ziggy Trixie Tycho Levi Cooper Fios
Status Sold Sold Sold Sold I'm keeping him Sold Sold

Note on names

Puppy Photos  (Double click on each photo to see a larger version)


10 weeks old, just one girl and one boy available...



#4 Girl "Elf" #7 Boy "Tyr"

6 weeks old...


#1 Girl "Vesta" #4 Girl "Elf" #6 Boy "Fenrir" #8 Boy "Fingal"



#3 Boy "Lugh" #5 Boy "Rune" #7 Boy "Tyr" Lugh and Rune play


4 weeks old on 18 & 21 January...

#1 Girl "Vesta" #4 Girl "Elf" #6 Boy "Fenrir" #8 Boy "Fingal"



#3 Boy "Lugh" #5 Boy "Rune" #7 Boy "Tyr"  

3 weeks old on 14 January...

Wake up and find lunch.  Solid food started yesterday. 

16 days old on 6 January...

#1 Girl "Vesta" #4 Girl "Elf" #6 Boy "Fenrir" #8 Boy "Fingal"




#3 Boy "Lugh" #5 Boy "Rune" #7 Boy "Tyr"  


8 days old on 29 December...

#1 Girl "Vesta" #4 Girl "Elf" #6 Boy "Fenrir" #8 Boy "Fingal"



#3 Boy "Lugh" #5 Boy "Rune" #7 Boy "Tyr" Drink, Roll over, Sleep


  The beginning of day 2 here.

NAMES:  I give them names to help keep them straight rather than calling them #1, #2, etc.  This litter was born on the solstice and a friend suggested pagan names.  The pups will be registered with the names chosen by their new owners.
Vesta Roman goddess of the hearth
Lugh An Irish deity represented in mythological texts as a hero and High King of the distant past
Elf No explanation needed here
Rune Secret
Fenrir The wolf
Tyr (Mini Me) Known for his great honesty and courage.  We also call this boy "Mini Me" because he is marked much like his sire.
Fingal Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Fionnghall, which meant "white stranger"

2007-2008 Maria Amodei