Rhyme,  Born 3 February 2004  (Pedigree)

OFA Good, Elbows Clear, CEA Normal

Puppy page and pedigree - Rhyme has been bred to Roger Deschambeault's Ken, a son of Aled Owen's Bob.  4 girls and 2 boys were born 17 February 2007.  These should be strong working dogs.

Rhyme has been somewhat slow to train but I believe she is well worth the wait.  She was a rather hot youngster, always leaning on her sheep too hard and too fast.  She is not hard headed and really does care when corrected, but her determination to do the job the only way she could figure out how kept pushing her into trouble.  Then she turned two years old and suddenly matured.  Now she can stay calm and keep listening even if the stock gets lively.  She's an excellent dog, very direct on her drives yet a nice bend in both directions on her flanks.  She has lovely outwork, lots of stock confidence, and a nice sense of balance.  She is a tremendously athletic small bitch, with a great structure.














Rhyme knows how to relax.



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