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Alabama: Alabama & Tennessee River Rail Road
Date-Jan 1862
Imprint- Reporter
(R6) 5-10 known Hoober

Alabama: The Linden Railroad Co.
Date-Dec. 22,1838
Imprint-Rawdon, Wright & Hatch of New York
(R6) 5-10 known Hoober
Alabama: Selma, Marion, & Memphis Railroad Co.
Date-March 1.1871
Imprint-Henry Siebert and Bros NY
(R7) Walter Rosene Jr.
Alabama: Tuscumbia, Courtland & Decatur Rail Road
Remainder- fraudulent info filled in.
(R7) 1-5 known Hoober

In 1851,this railroad ran from Tuscumbia to Decatur,Florida,46 miles. By 1869,the line was part of the Memphis & Charleston Railway and later absorbed by the Southern Railway system.
Alabama: The Wetumpka & Coosa Railroad Co.
Date-Dec. 12, 1856
(R5) 10-25 known Hoober
Imprint-Rawdon,Wright & Hatch of New York

Arkansas: Iron Mountain & Helena Railroad Co.
Ornamental brown reverse.Date-Dec.1,1874
Imprint-Western B. N. & Engraving Co.
(R6) 5 to 10 known Hoober

The road was incorporated in Dec.31,1860 to connect with Iron Mountain with Helena. Twelve Miles were completed in 1871 and finally to Helena in 1881.The road was sold to Kansas City & Southern RR in  October 26,
Delaware: : Delaware Railroad
Scrip of L. B. Platt & Co. redeemed at Delaware Railroad
Date: Dec. 1, 1862

Florida; Florida Rail Road
This railroad was built by the state and opened in 1861. Financing by a mortgage on land granted by the US government. War damage resulted in the company not paying interest on it's bonds.
 It went into bankruptcy.

(R6)  5-10 Hobber.
Florida: Florida Atlantic & Gulf Central Rail Road
This company was incorporated in 1851. Between 1857 to 1860. 59 miles
of  a single track 5-foot gauge was laid between Jacksonville and Lake City.
In July 1868 the road was sold to Florida Central Railroad
(R5) 10-25 known Hoober

Florida: Tallahassee Rail Road Co.
(R4) 25-50 known Hoober
Imprint American Bank Note Co.
Printed 1858-1866.

The railroad was incorporated Feb. 10,1834.It was sold and re-incorporated June24,1869 under the same name and ran from Tallahassee to St. Mark a distance of 21miles.
Georgia: Atlantic & Gulf  Railroad Co.
Date-Oct 9, 1874
(R2)  100-200 known Hobber

Chartered in 1856 ran from Screven to Thomasville Georgia. Sold in foreclosure sale in 1879 and renamed the Savannah, Florida and Western Railway.
Georgia: Brunswick & Albany Railroad Co.
Date -1871
(R3) 50 to 100 known Hoober

Brunswick & Albany came into existence
December 16,1861,and continued until December 19,1882 when it was changed in to the Brunswick & Western Railroad
Georgia: The Central Rail Road and Banking Co. of Georgia
Date-Dec. 15 1861
Payable in Confederate Currency
(R4) 25 to 50 known Hoober

The road was chartered in 1835 and completed in 1843.The road ran from Savannah to Atlanta, a distance of 295 miles, with a branch to Gordon from Milledgeville,17 miles. With leased lines it operated 714 miles.
\ Georgia: The Central Rail Road  and Banking Co. of Georgia
Date-July 1. 1860
Imprint: Toppan, Carpenter, Casilerora & Co. Phila.
(R6) 5 to 10 known Hoober

Same info as above. A currency note not the common scrip you usually see from this road.
Georgia: Mobil and Girard Railroad
Date-July 1, 1862
Imprint: none
(R5) 10-25 known Hoober

The road extended from Girard to Union Springs Alabama.
Georgia: The Monroe Rail Road and Banking Co.
Date-May 2,1840
(R5) 10 to 25 known Hoober

The company was chartered in 1833,under the name of  "The Monroe Railroad
Company. In 1836 the name changed to the Monroe Railroad and Banking Co.
In 1845 it's name became Macon & Western Railroad.
Georgia: Okmulgee & Flint River Rail Road
Date-Sept. 21,1841
(R4) 25 to 50 known Hoober

The Georgia Laws of 1827 provided a grant to construct a railroad of wood or digging a canal from the Okmulgee to the Flint River. There is no evidence that any work was ever done on either project.
Georgia-Atlanta: Western &Atlantic Railroad
Date-June 2,1862
(R4) 25 to 50 known Hoober

Built by the state between 1841-1850,it opened in 1850.It ran from Atlanta to Chattanooga, Tennessee 136 additional sidings of 107 miles. On Oct.24,1870 the legislature enacted that the road and rolling stock was to be leased for 20 years to a corporate group.
Illinois: Chicago, Alton & St. Louis Rail Road
(R5) 10-25 known Hoober

The road was renamed St. Louis, Alton & Chicago Rail Road . It operated from 1858 to Oct. 1, 1862. It was sold in foreclosure sale to Chicago & Alton Railroad in 1862.

Illinois: The Illinois River Rail Road Co.
Date-Nov.27 1862
(R7) 1-5 known Hoober
Illinois: The Illinois Rock River Rail Road Co.
Date-Oct 12, 1841
(R6) 5-10 known Hobber

The railroad was authorized to construct and maintain a line between LaSalle and Dixon. Little actual construction was done.

Illinois: Terre Haute, Alton & St. Louis Rail Road Co.
Date-March 1860
Imprint: Hart, Mapother & Co. Lithographers St. Louis
(R3) 50-100 known Hobber

Illinois: Rail-Road Bank of Decatur
Unknown Date. This Rail-Road Bank operated from 1854-1861.
Indiana: Crawfordsville, Logansport &Northern Indiana Railroad Company.
Date-Oct. 6,1854
(R5) 10-25 known Hoober

Six separate companies used the name "Northern Indiana" in the years 1835-1855.Listing notes as belonging to on particular company is a difficult task.
Indiana: Fort Wayne & Southern Rail Road Co.
Date-Oct.2, 1854
Imprint-Toppan, Carpenter & Co. Cincinnati

Indiana: Marion & Logansport Railroad Co.
Date: Jan. 2, 1854
Imprint-Danforth & Wright & Co. N.Y. & Phil.
(R6) 5 to 10 known Hobber

Indiana: Marion & Mississinewa Valley Rail Road Co.
Date-Jan. 5, 1854
Imprint-Rawdon, Wright, Hatch, & Edson- Cincinnati & N.Y.
(R6) 5 to 10 known Hobber
Indiana: Ohio, Indiana & Illinois Railroad of the State of Indiana Railroad Co.
Date-Jan 26, 1855
Imprint- Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Edson, Cincinnati
(R4) 25-50 known Hoober
Iowa: Chicago, Burlington & Pacific Rail Road Company.
Date-April 1, 1882
$1 Issue
Imprint-Henry Seibert Brobith 12 & 14 Warren St. N.Y.
Unlisted in Hobber or Oakes
Iowa: The Dubuque & Sioux City Rail Road Co.
Date-May 23, 1861
$5 Issue
Imprint-Edward Mendel, Chicago
(R6)  6-10 known Oakes
This is the successor to the Dubuque, Marion & Western Railroad Co.
Iowa: Keokuk,Mt. Pleasant &Muscatine Rail Road
Date:: Remander
$1 Issue
Imprint-Draper,Welsh & Co. Phila
(R6) 6-10 known Oakes, (R6) Hobber 5-10 known  

The railroad was incoporated in 1854. The city of Keokuk authorized $100,000
 in bond in 1856 to finance construction.

Kentucky: Kentucky, Ohio, Coal, Iron & Railroad
Date-Jan 1, 1874
$1 Issue
Louisiana: Baton Rouge, Grosse-Tete & Opelousas
Date-July 1,1873
Imprint-Corlies, Macy Co. Stationers 39Naesen St.N.Y.
Louisiana: Vicksburg, Shreveport & Texas Railroad
Date-July 27, 1867
$3 Issue



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