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Maryland: Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road  Co.
Date-Feb. 10, 1841
Imprint- Deaper Toppan & Co.

12 1/2 Cent Scrip
(R6) 5-10 known Hoober
Maryland: The Baltimore & Susquehanna Rail Road Co.
Date-Nov. 4,1837
Imprint- Rawdon Wright & Hatch New York

Maryland: The Franklin Rail Road Co.
Date-Nov. 24, 1840
Imprint-Danforth Underwood & Co. New York
Massachusetts: Railroad Bank of Lowell
Date-Oct 4, 1857
$5 Issue
Imprint-Danforth, Wright & Co. New York & Phil.

Michigan:The Erie & Kalamazoo Rail Road Bank.
Date-August 1,1854
Imprint Toppan, Carpenter, Casiler & Co. NY & Phila.

Michigan: The Detroit & St. Joseph Rail Road Bank
Date-April 9,1840
Imprint: Woodruff& Hammond Cincinnati Ohio


Michigan: River Raison & Lake Erie Railroad Company.
Date-June 1, 1839
Imprint-Burton & Edmonds N. York

Michigan: Palmyra & Jacsonburgh Rail Road Company.
Date-April 5, 1838
Imprint-S Stiles, S. Lerman & Smith N.Y.

Michigan: The Shelby & Detroit Railroad
Date: Feb. 5, 1838

In reality a check not a bank note. Signed by the railroad officers instead of the
banks. The road was incorporated in March 7, 1834. It was 20 miles long and ran
from from Utica to Macomb County and to Detroit and was completed in 1838.
It had strap rails and was horse drawn. It was abandoned when the ties rotted
out and the right of way was sold.
Mississippi: (Brandon) The Mississippi & Alabama Rail Road Co.
Date: April 4, 1837
Imprint: Draper ,Toppan , Longacre Co. Phil. & NY
(R5) 11-25 known Kraus

The company had offices in Brandon, during  the years 1837 and 1838. Although
there is on record of a road having been built, and extensive series of notes
were issued through 1843 (Hobber).
Mississippi: The Mississippi Central Rail Road Co.
Date: Jan. 1, 1862
(R1) Over 200 known Kraus
Mississippi: Grand Gulf & Banking Co.
Date-July 18, 1838
(R7) 1-5 known Kraus
Imprint: Draper, Toppan, & Longacre & Co.-Phil. & NY
Mississippi: The Hernando Rail Road  & Banking Co.
Date-Nov. 18, 1839
Imprint- Rawdon Wright & Hatch New York
(R5) 10-25 known Hobber

The company was chartered May 13,1837 to built a road from Jefferson to Norfolk.
A later amendment of Feb. 9,1838.authorized construction form Hernado to Payton.
The charter was forfeited in Feb.1840, for failure to redeem it's notes in specie. (Hoober)
Mississippi: The Lake Washington, Deer Creek Rail Road & Banking
Date-Dec 22,1837
Imprint: Underwood, Bald, Spencer & Huffy, New York &  Phila.
(R7) 1-5 known Kraus

President: Andrew Knox; Cashier: C. W. Manchester
Mississippi : Mississippi & Tennessee Railroad
Date :Feb 20, 1862
Imprint: Lederle Lith(ographer)-Memphis
(R4) 26-50 known Kraus

The road was chartered on Oct. 16,1852 by the Miss. Legislature and on Dec. 5, 1853
by the Tennessee Legislature. The line was opened in June 1857. The line ran from
Memphis to Garner Miss. a distance of 88 miles and to Grenada Miss.
about 15 miles. The notes were issued from Grenada Miss.
Mississippi: (Macon) Mobile & Ohio Railroad Co.
Date-Feb. 15, 1862
Imprint: W. R. Robertson, Mobile Alabama
(R4) 26-50 known Kraus

Construction was started in 1849 and in 1861 it was completed from Mobile to Columbus
Kentucky, a distance of 483 miles. The road went into receivership i n 1874
and in 1883 after consolidation with other lines, it became the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio.
It was authorized to issue $300,000 in scrip during the Civil War.

Mississippi: The Southern Railroad Co.
Date-Jan.27, 1862
(R4) 26-50 known Kraus

The company was chartered in 1837.The line was sold under foreclosure Feb. 4,1889
when control was assumed by the Alabama, New Orleans, Texas & Pacific Railway.
Scrip totaling $150,000 was authorized to be issued during the Civil War.
Mississippi: The Tombigby Railroad
Date-March 10. 1837
Imprint: Rawdon , Wright & Hatch, NY
(R5) 11-25 known Kraus

The railroad was incorporated on Feb. 27, 1837, with a capitalization of $3,000,000.
It was also know as the Thombigby Railroad Bank. (Hoober)
Mississippi: The West Feliciana Rail Road Co.
Date-March 6,1862
(R6) 6-10 known Kraus
Missouri: Cairo & St. Louis Railroad
Imprint: The St. Louis Bank Note Co.
New Hampshire: Concord Manchester & Lawrence Rail Road
Date-Dec. 1,1862
5 cent scrip
(R3) 50-100 known Hoober

In June 1837,the Concord Railroad was chartered to build a road from Concord to Nashua,double track,with a branch from Concord to Hookset.Total mileage was 42 miles. Work began in 1841 and was opened September 7,1842.
New York: New York & New Raven R. R. Co.
Imprint: Ferd. Mayer & Co. 96 Fulton St. NY
(R3) 50-100 known Hobber
Ohio: Columbus & Erie Rail Road.
Date-Oct 1, 1850
Imprint- Rawdon, Write, Hatch & Edson, Cincinnati
(R4) 25-50 known Hobber

It's mark as a bond but most likely circulated as currency.
Ohio: Mad River & Lake Erie Rail Road
Date-June 10, 1841
(R6) 6-10 known Wolka
Imprint: Rawdon, Wright, & Hatch-Cincinnati
Ohio: The Ohio Rail Road (City of Ohio)
Date: Sept. 1840
(R6) 6-10 known Wolka
Imprint: Rawdon, Wright & Hatch-NY

In 1837 the State of Ohio allowed this company to issue circulating notes.
The railroad never laid any track and failed in 1840 with
several hundred thousand dollars in worthless notes
outstanding. It was listed as a fraudulent unregulated
issuer in Dec. 16, 1839.
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Newtown & New York Railroad Co.
Date: Dec. 15,1873
Imprint: Lith. by the American Bank Note Co. Philala.
(R5) 10-25 known Hobber

The road was incorporated Nov.,25 1876 and built 5.8 miles of track between
Philadelphia and Newton. It operated as part of the Pennsylvania Railroad until
it was sold at foreclosure Oct.4.1876.(Hoober)
South Carolina: Charlotte Columbia & Augusta Rail Road.
Date-Oct 1 1873
Imprint-American Bank Note Company
(R3) 51-75 known Sheheen

The railroad was formed by the consolidation on July 9,1869 of the Columbia &
Augusta and Charlotte & South Carolina railroads. The C.C. & A.
ran from Charlotte, North Carolina to Augusta Georgia a distance
to Augusta Georgia a distance of 195 miles. The road was purchased at
 foreclosure inJuly 10, 1894 by the Southern Railway.
South Carolina: Louisville, Cincinnati, & Charleston Railroad Co.
Date: Sept. 1, 1840
Imprint-Durand & Co.
(R8) Only one known Sheheen. Formally known in proofs only.

South Carolina: South Carolina Rail Road
Date: July 1,1873
Imprint: American Bank Note Co.
(R1) 100 and up known Sheheen

This road was chartered Dec. 19,1827 as the Charleston & Hamburg RR.
It's main line was from Charleston to Augusta, Georgia and
opened Nov. 1, 1840 a distance of 137 miles. In 1844 several
lines were consolidated as the South Carolina RR. The road was
a pioneer railroad of the South. It owned and operated the first and second
locomotives to be placed in service on any American road.
South Carolina: The South Carolina Railroad
April 1, 1864
(R5) 16-25 known Sheheen
South Carolina :The South Western Railroad Bank
Date-July 1,1859
Imprint-Toppan, Carpenter, Casilear & Co
(R3) 51-75 known Sheheen

This railroad bank was chartered in Dec. 21, 1836. At the close of the Civil War this
bank and the South Carolina Railroad were doing business as a combined corporation
with a capital of $8,646,641. The railroad assumed the unpaid obligation of the
bank unpaid obligation of the bank and eventually paid off
most of the outstanding bills. (Sheheen)
Tennessee: Alabana & Chattanooga Railroad Co.
Imprint-National Bank Note Co. of New York
(R12) 11-15 known Garland

A meal ticket was in all probability used as scrip along the rail line.
Tennessee: East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad Co.
Date: June 20 1862
(R14) 2-4 known Garland

The company was chartered on Feb. 4, 1848. It's main line ran from Knoxville to
Dalton Georgia a distance of 110 miles. It was opened on July 10, 1855
and it's Chattanooga extension 30 miles away was completed in 1858.
Tennessee: Memphis and Charleston Railroad Co.
Date-Jan 15, 1862
(R5)  10-25 known Hobber

The line became incorporated with the Tuscumbia & Decatur of Alabama and 
subsequently part of the Southern Railway. (Hoober)

Texas: Galveston, Houston & Henderson Railroad
Date-April 12, 1862
Confederate Issue
(R7) 1-5 known Hobber


Virginia: Alexandria, Loudon & Hampshire RR Co.
Date: May25, 1861
Imprint: None
Confederate Issue
(R7) 1-5 known Hobber

Chartered March 15, 1853 and construction started in Feb. 16,1855. The line ran from
Alexandria to Leesburg and opened in 1858. The corporate name changed to
"Washington & Ohio". The road was acquired by the Washington, Ohio & Western RR in May 1893.

Virginia: Manassas Gap Rail Road Co.
Date-July 1, 1861
Imprint-Macfarlane & Fergusson, Prints
Confederate Issue
(R5) 10-25 Hobber

Chartered March 11,1850 opened to Strasburg in 1854. On June 1, 1867 it merged with the
Orange & Alexandria to become the Orange,Alexandria & Manassas Railroad.
Virginia: Virginia Central Rail Road Co.
Date-July 1, 1861
Imprint-MacFarlane & Ferguson, Prints.
(R5) 10-25 known Hobber

The company was incorporated Fed. 18 ,1836 as the Louisa Railroad, and changed
to Virginia Central on Feb. 2, 1850. A single track was built from Richmond to
Huntington West Virginia standard gauge, 418.9 miles in length.


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