CUPS ShadowHash patch. (130kB)

about serial printing in Mac OS X.

Serial Print Enabler (160kB)

An expanded description of how to add a serial printer with screen shots. (250kB)

The ShadowHashCUPS Patch

This patch is meant to deal with an incompatibility between the security scheme used by CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) and the scheme used in the rest of OS 10.3.x. The result of these incompatibilities first appeared with the Security Update of 2004-04-05. Since that security update, users of the administrative features of the CUPS web interface were required to enter a username and password. Unfortunately, the CUPS server cannot access passwords for many users in OS 10.3.x. The installer will install a modified CUPS configuration file that will eliminate the need to enter a username and password when using the web interface.

For a more detailed description of the problem, see the Article #191.

Another discussion of the problem can be seen in the thread "CUPS authentication problem" on the macosx-server mailing list beginning on 20 July 2004. More specifically, see this message for a very good synopsis. Public access to the mailing list archives is available. See the list information page (the first link) for the public access username and password.

29 September 2004
An updated package is now available. It is recommended that all who have installed an earlier version upgrade to this latest version (0.75).

16 April, 2005
The package has been updated to allow installation in OS X 10.3.9. The new package is version 0.79.

WARNING:   Installing this software will disable a portion of previously installed security updates provided by Apple. This package will allow ANY user to do CUPS administrative via the web browser interface.

Download CUPS_ShadowHash.dmg.

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