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Britt--Spring soccer

My real name is Britton--but I like to be called Britt--and this is my very own web page. I am five years old and I go to kindergarten. I really like school because it's fun to color and paint and play with Play-Doh. I like to read and play with all my friends. I'm playing fall soccer right now and it's pretty fun. This summer I played T-ball and it was OK except it was too hot and there were too many ants. I also learned how to swim and it wasn't too hot in the pool. I played soccer for the first time this spring and I got to wear shin guards and cleats just like my big brother Clay. Clay is pretty nice except he tries to tell me what to do--but I don't do it, though!

Soccer game

Blue's Clues is my favorite television show. I have Blue's Clues books, Blue's Clues computer and board games, and even a Blue's Clues shirt. I was Blue's best friend Magenta last Halloween (This year I'm going to be a fairy tale witch). Blue's Clues isn't the only thing I like, though. I've loved Winnie-the-Pooh and friends and all of the other Disney characters since I was a baby. Rugrats is another of my favorite shows, and I've started watching Poke'mon with my brother. I even had some Poke'mon cards but I gave most of them to Clay because I decided I really didn't like it that much. I gavethem all to him at first but them I got some of them back because I do like it a little bit.

Under the running Blue are links to some of my favorite things:

Running Blue

Blue's Clues
Winnie the Pooh
Donald Duck
Blue's Clues Party
Me at my Blue's Clues Party


Watch Tigger bounce to some of my favorite sounds:
(Netscape users may have to double-click on the images to hear the sounds)

Blue's Clues sounds:

Tigger and
Eeyore sounds:

Jumping Tigger


Britt swimming

I'm so glad you stopped by my web page. Come back soon because I know I can think of some other things for my mama to put on this page, and I know you wouldn't want to miss any of them. This is a picture of me swimming at the beach this summer. I had a good time swimming and playing in the sand with my cousins.

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