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Clay's soccer picture

Hello, everyone. My name is Clay. I am eight years old and am in the second grade. I really like school because we learn pretty cool things and because I get to play with all my friends. I have a sister named Britt who is five years old. She and I get along pretty well together--when we're not fussing, that is.

This is my Spring Soccer picture. I've played baseball too, but I think soccer is my favorite team sport to play. I started taking karate lessons this summer and I really like it. My favorite sport to watch right now is football. I like college and pro football. My Mama and Daddy went to the University of Georgia so we all watch the Bulldogs. Quincy Carter is my favorite Bulldog. I also like to watch NASCAR racing. I know all of the racers and their numbers. I like Jeff Gordon the best. My Daddy took me to the Diehard 500 in Talledega in April, and Jeff Gordon won! I also like to watch baseball. The Atlanta Braves are my favorite baseball team--maybe they'll win the World Series next year. I'm going to be a race car driver, a football player and a scientist when I grow up, but Mama says she thinks I'll probably be a sports statistician because when I like a sport I learn everything about it.

I'm also a Wolf Cub Scout, and Daddy and I have a good time at meetings. We go fishing together and I catch some pretty big ones sometimes! I like to use our computer to play games (like Madden 2000 football, my favorite) and to look things up on the web. I like to collect Poke'mon cards and Poke'mon is also one of my favorite TV shows. I also like Rugrats and Spongebob Squarepants and the other cartoons on Nickelodeon. Here are some of the things I like and links to my favorite web sites about them:

Darth Vader
Star Wars
Ash and Pikachu
Rugrats, Spongebob,
and the other Nicktoons
Atlanta Braves
Atlanta Braves
Fishing with my Daddy
Georgia Bulldog
UGA Sports
Mickey Mouse


Here are some pretty cool sounds--
(Netscape users may have to double-click on the images to hear the sounds)

Chuckie from Rugrats:

Glory to Georgia:

Glory (514K--WAV format)


Clay fishing My daddy and I did a bunch of fishing this summer--at the lakes around here and at the beach on our trip with my grandmama and granddaddy and uncle and aunt and cousins. This is a picture of me fishing at the beach--I caught a pompano. Thanks for stopping by my place. Check back again because I'll probably be interested in a whole lot more stuff in a few months, and I'll be sure to have my mama get more pictures on here.

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