Honda Snowmobile?


The elusive Honda Snowmobile?


The "Honda rumor"....  It pops up every season...  Is this the year Honda is going to start building snowmobiles?  But it is just a rumor....

But, did a Honda snowmobile exist at one time?  Gathering bits and pieces from around the web, it appears there was a prototype built.  Below is the information I have gathered.....

During the winter of 2002/2003, an engine showed up on Ebay that the owner claimed was from a prototype Prototype Engine? snowmobile.  The auction stated:  "This is a 750cc Honda four cylinder factory prototype snowmobile engine assembly. It carries the factory serial number 750-0000001.   There is ONLY one of these in the entire WORLD!!!  It is complete but in an unassembled condition and comes complete with a prototype exhaust system/muffler assembly, carburetors with a prototype Prototype Engine? air plenum system, oil lines and oil tank, ignition system, charging system & electric start system.  The only parts missing are the jackshaft, jackshaft end plate/bearing assembly, and the driven jackshaft gear assembly." 

About the time of the above mentioned Ebay auction, a message posted on the newsgroup Prototype Engine? noted:  "Looking through my back issues of the VSCA (Vintage Snowmobile Club of America) magazine, I did find in the March 2000 issue where they had a picture of an experimental sled that Honda built with Polaris in 1970.  It said it used a Polaris chassis with a 750cc Honda 4-stroke, four Prototype Engine? cylinder motorcycle engine complete with gearbox.  Exhaust exited through four chrome pipes along the tunnel and it was stated that the sled was too heavy to be practical.  Unfortunately the article doesn't show a picture of the engine."

If you have more information, pictures, or corrections, please e-mail me.