Black Mist is Dead

As you probably have noticed, Black Mist has been dead for quite some time, sitting here rotting away in cyberspace. I have just now finally gotten around to giving it a proper burial. My site hasnít been updated in a very long time and Iíve had no contact with the Petz Community. There is no point in even just leaving it up as a crew page since my former host where I still stored all of my petzís profile pictures decided to eat all my damn files.

So why the hell did Black Mist die and where have I been? Unfortunately other interests and RL events have taken up my time and Petz has faded into the background. But Petz is something I feel I wonít ever give up, itís always there waiting for me to return.

I would really love to bring Black Mist back, at least in some form or another. My interest in petz has been renewed recently mainly due to conversations with Rat. =D However in order for BMC to come back several things would need to happen:

- I would need a host for my site. My old host account is FUBAR and they refuse to answer my many email requests for help. The pathetic bit of webspace my ISP gives me is not near enough for my big ass image heavy site, so I would need someone willing to give me a substantial amount of space.
(I would really love to some day buy my own domain, but right now I donít think I can afford it)

- I need to find some more free time hiding somewhere. I would need to have time to devote to the major updates that Black Mist needs, a complete overhaul in essence, plus time to breed and hex pets. Right now I have a lot going on in my life and the idea of running a website seems daunting.

- I need to deal with some RL issues that are going on that make it difficult for me to put a lot of time into hobbies like this. I donít need to go into details here but suffice to say Iím dealing with some personal shit that isnĎt conducive to the mindset of fun and creativity that is Petz.

For the time being, this tiny little space will be used as the start of my small tentative link back to the PC. I may use it as a blog of sorts to update my progress in maybe bringing Black Mist back from the dead, or at least show off what Iím doing with my petz at the moment.

I most definitely want to reconnect with the wonderful kick ass friends that I have fallen out of contact with. I really miss you guys and I regret falling out of touch with everyone! You guys know who you are, you better! XD I hope you are still around and would like to get in touch with me.

Anyone who knows my email address, AIM screen name, or Neopets username, please feel free to contact me! My names and accounts are still the same as they were before I fell off the face of the earth.

Also anyone at all please feel free to hit me up on the tagboard. I will be around to respond. If anyone actually visits this crappy little page Iíd be surprised. But it might motivate me to work on coming back. ;)

- Meer, April 23, 2010

Update May 11, 2010

As promised, the downloads are back! Sorry it took me so long to get to them. The pictures look a little screwy because I haven't updated the background color from the last layout, but the important thing is you can get the stuff you came for, yay! (maybe I'll fix the pictures later)

Black Mist's Downloads:

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Update June 16, 2010

Lookie! Meer hexed something! :O
Meer's New Hexie! Meer's New Hexie!

It's a work in progress, not finished yet. But I wanted to let you guys know that I am working on something petz related. :D I won't have time to finish it right now. I'll be very busy for the rest of June and the beginning of July. But after that, I will be able to finish this kitty, and hopefully, if people like it, I'll do some adoptions of some kind, some where. And I will have more time for petz in general, so maybe keep a look out for me at my old haunts. ;)

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