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Usability Testing and Consulting
  Institutionalized usability as an integratal part of the entire design cycle
  Took the department from thinking about usability as an afterthought, to thinking of it as an integral, necessary part of every phase of the design cycle.
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  Implemented iterative Customer-Centered-Design process for all major projects
  Created and implemented a process for multiple iterative rounds of customer-centered-design that is now standard in all major website projects at Agilent.
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  Created a process for ongoing "weekly usability testing" and "native-task testing"
  Implemented a scheduled, routine set of usability interviews every week to give us the speed and flexibility to test designs on short notice and continuously add to our pool of customer insight.
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  Pioneered both remote and phone/webex usability testing to replace costly in-lab testing
  Weighed the pros and cons of in-person vs remote moderated methods, compared the depth of insight, and moved the team to the much more efficient methodology which allowed us to go from tens of usability tests per year to several hundred.
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  Implemented standard process for quantifying the improvement of every project
  Instituted standard pre-release and post-release usability testing on the live site in order to provide quanitative metrics on the impact and ROI of each project.
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  Integrated attitudinal and behavioral data to pinpoint specific improvement actions
  Improved our ability to pinpoint specific actions to improve the site by integrating sources of behavioral data (metrics, clickpaths, etc) with attitudincal data (satisfaction, success).
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  Created and maintained Usability Guidelines for content creators and website designers
  Evangelized usability across the organization and set up an easy-to-access, easy-to-scan database of all major recommendations to help ensure consistency across the organization.
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  Improved marketing landing page conversion rate by 270%
  Brought A/B/Multivariate testing technique to the team and achieved 270% increase in customer conversion rate for major campaign landing page
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  Achieved measurable results
  Some examples of the results of implementing the above usability tools and techniques:

  • Improved customer success on the website by 55%
  • Improved customer satisfaction with the website by 63%
  • Reduced abandonment rate on quote request form by 25%
  • Increased the number of annual customer usability sessions from <10 to almost 200 with the same budget
  • Conducted a set of 11th-hour interviews that prevented Agilent from launching an online quoting process that was unusable by customers
  • Improved landing page conversion rate by 270%
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Market Research
  Developed the integrated Customer Satisfaction and Value program for Hewlett-Packard
  Designed the program and grew it into a corporate-wide, multi-national program to measure and track loyalty and provide improvement recommendations.
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  Developed state-of-the-art Choice Modeling technique and analysis software
  Used a blend of self-explicated and discrete choice methodologies to predict market share and enable product optimization through extensive "What-If" scenario predictions.
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  Conducted numerous Controlled Experiments to optimize advertising, branding, promotions, and communications
  Used principles from Design of Experiments, Taguchi, and Kano to test variants against each other and predict the impact of each variant.
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  Conducted a wide variety of types of research to support 25 product Divisions
  These included focus groups, card sorts, phone and in-person interviews, surveys, brand recognition studies, market size/share studies, competitive analyses, QFD (quality function deployment) projects, and pricing studies.
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