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Improved marketing landing page conversion rate by 270%

Like any other major company, we continually run Pay-for-Placement ads, email campaigns, and other marketing programs aimed at helping our cusotmers take a specific action. While these campaigns may be major undertakings, all too often the landing page itself is not tested or designed following any specific conversion-optimization rules. I knew there was a huge opportunity to help these landing pages perform better, so began A/B/Multivariate testing.

In our first A/B test, we tackled a landing page for one of our biggest product lines, and a page that had already been designed and re-designed several times by the Division. I applied the principles of Landing Page Optimization design to this page and came up with three alternate versions to test. Every one of those versions achieved a higher customer conversion than the original page, with the winning design outperforming the original by almost 300%.

This test was simple (I used Google Website Optimizer so essentially ran the study for free), quick, and painless. The Division was astounded at the improvement and immediately switched to the new design.

I am encouraging ALL new marketing landing pages to undergo this type of simple optimization and testing. In the meantime, we are supplying the winning design from this prior study to other Divisions as a best-practice template to follow. It may not be the optimal design for their specific purpose (the only way to find that is to test using their specific content and customers), but it's certainly better than where they started from.

After this experience, I'm convinced more than ever at the power of simple A/B testing to make a tremendous difference in the quality of web pages.

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