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Implemented iterative Customer-Centered-Design process for all major projects

I created and implemented a process for multiple iterative rounds of customer-centered-design that is now standard in all major website projects at Agilent:

  • Solidify project goals and open questions
  • Create several initial potential designs
  • Conduct phone/webex usability tests to determine strengths/weaknesses of each design
  • ...iterate new designs and additional phone/webex usability tests as needed

Typically, we do 3-6 iterative design/test rounds per project. Analysis includes the project team and is done immediately after the interviews, and the final recommendations report is delivered within two days. This rapid, iterative, team-based approach enables design/testing rounds to be completed in just 1-2 weeks.

This has proven so successful and useful to the designers and project managers that it is now a standard piece of all major website projects.

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