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Conducted numerous Controlled Experiments to optimize advertising, branding, pricing, promotions, and communications

The best market insight comes when customers don't know they're being tested or observed, and particularly when they don't know what the variable is that's being tested. Their natural behavior, in their natural environment, is the best reflection of how they'll react to new products, stimuli, ads, etc.

This is exactly what controlled experiments do.

We've conducted many controlled experiments to help find the most effective ads, prices, and communications. We used principles from Design of Experiments, Taguchi, and Kano to test variants against each other and predict the impact of each variant.

We've applied this technique in online areas as well (where it tends to be called A/B or Multivariate testing). This is an excellent way to quickly analyze the impact of different web landing pages or promotions, optimize our Pay-for-Placement spending, and ensure the most efficient and effective use of our online resources.

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