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Developed the integrated Customer Satisfaction and Value program for Hewlett-Packard

We created the "Market Opportunity study and Satisfaction Tracking" program to fill a gap in HP's understanding of the market and customer needs.

We decided against standard industry satisfaction tracking methods because most lacked

  • any direct correlation between customer satisfaction and sales
  • any ability to predict the impact of potential actions on satisfaction and/or sales

These two characteristics make the difference between a basic measurement system and a useful one.

To achieve both of these, we created our own conjoint-based methodology that also enabled us to predict competitive moves, competitive strengths and weaknesses, and our own vulnerabilities and opportunities.

This program was adopted throughout the Test and Measurement business of HP and conducted for several years. It was subsequently adopted by Agilent Technologies, and continues to be implemented in more than a dozen countries annually.



To learn more about this program, view my presentation from the 1999 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value conference:
From Customer Loyalty to Customer Value Management


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