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Implemented standard process for quantifying the improvement of every project

In order to justify the resources spent on web projects, we wanted a way to quantify the impact of every project. Since only a small part of the Agilent website is focused on eCommerce, we decided to measure the changes in

  • Customer Satisfaction with the site
  • ability to successfully complete desired tasks online

Improving these two metrics has a direct impact on the corporate bottom-line, as they reduce calls to the call center or sales force, increase customer loyalty, and give customers the information they need to move ahead in their purchase decisions.

I implemented a standard pre-release / post-release usability testing method that is now implemented for every major web release. By having a set of customers complete several tasks at the existing website, and a different set of customers do the exact same tasks at the new website, we get a valid comparison of the difference. In addition to the hard, quantifiable metrics, we also get qualitative feedback into opportunities for additional improvements.

By routinely measuring before and after go-live, we now are able to quantify the direct impact on customers of every major web project.

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