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Achieved measurable results

Quantifying the impact of usability improvements can be difficult, but should be required in order to ensure you're allocating appropriate resources to the right things.

I instituted a set of standard metrics that are obtained in every usability study, even qualitative studies. These metrics directly align with the corporate goals (cost deflection, customer satisfaction, task completion, etc). Although we don't use them in a statistical sense when obtained in qualitative studies, we still find them useful in providing guidance and validating that we're headed in the right direction.

We do, however, use these metrics in a statistically-significant way for our quantitative projects, including pre-release / post-release studies for every major project. This provides us solid, quantifiable data on the effectiveness of each project.

Some of the results we've seen are:

  • Improved customer success on the website by 55%
  • Improved customer satisfaction with the website by 63%
  • Reduced abandonment rate on quote request form by 25%
  • Increased the number of annual customer usability sessions from <10 to almost 200 with the same budget
  • Conducted a set of 11th-hour interviews that prevented Agilent from launching an online quoting process that was unusable by customers
  • Improved landing page conversion rate by 270%
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