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Created a process for ongoing "weekly usability testing" and "native-task testing"

We wanted to continually collect insight into problems with our site, so I developed a process to do weekly in-depth phone/webex usability tests focusing on different parts of the site each week.

Because the entire team knew that every Wednesday we'd be watching seven customers use our site, it gave them

  • real-time insight into the design issues they happened to be struggling with at the moment
  • flexibility to test new ideas on-the-fly
  • insights into site issues they hadn't known about before

Each customer session lasted an hour, which gave us time to not only delve into known issues and new design ideas, but also to conduct "native-task" testing, where we have the customer

  • tell us what things he's done at the site in the past
  • try to do those things again while we observe
  • show us any other websites that are easier than ours for those types of tasks

Through this process, we have found many issues that the internal team wasn't aware of, and probably never would have thought to be a problem without this type of unstructured, customer-led discovery.

The flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of weekly and native-task testing has made it very successful.

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