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I have extensive experience in all of the following areas and techniques (for detailed examples, see accomplishments, or simply contact me:

Qualitative research techniques, including
  • Focus group moderating
  • Individual interviews
  • Expert panels
  • Information acceleration visioning
Quantitative research techniques, including
  • Conjoint analysis¬†
  • Design of Experiments
  • Controlled experiments
  • Research surveys
  • Customer satisfaction tracking
  • Customer loyalty tracking and prediction
  • Brand equity and tracking
  • Awareness and Preference studies
  • Market segmentation studies
  • Card Sorts
Usability testing techniques, including
  • Customer-centered-design
  • Remote (moderated and unmoderated) usability testing
  • Persona research and development
  • Pre/post-release testing
  • Low-fidelity and Hi-fidelity concept testing
  • Native-task-intercept usability research
  • A/B/multivariate testing
  • Integrated behavioral and attitudinal research
Process techniques, including
  • Group facilitation
  • International research
  • Strategic Dialog Process
  • Quality Function Deployment
  • Project Managment


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