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About me

I'm an engineer by training, market researcher by career path, and website usability specialist by passion. I've seen firsthand how getting feedback from customers can dramatically increase the effectiveness of a webpage, and ultimately save money by preventing customer frustration and costly redesigns.

My goal is to continually give designers, managers, and web masters a clear vision of their customers -- what they want, how they think, and what works for them -- so that everything they produce is successful.

In my current position, I ensure that my company's customers can quickly and easily use our website to do whatever it is they need to do, and walk away satisfied.

I have enabled hundreds of customer usability interviews, satisfaction studies, surveys, card sorts, native task intercepts, copy tests, first-impression tests, and many other types of usability research to directly shape the design of the Agilent website.

Because of my solid engineering background, I specialize in high-tech, B2B sites, which often provides very different challenges and needs than more traditional consumer sites.

I'm also driven by the desire to find new and creative ways to capture customer insight that are ever quicker, cheaper, and more useful. Enabling every project, no matter how small, to be based on solid customer insight is my ultimate goal.



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