The truth about the Commander!

Having spent twenty years in the United States Navy, the Commander returned home to Madison, WI.

He started Geocaching in October of 2005 and has been working hard to try and keep up with some of the younger "cachers" that were influenced to begin Geocaching by his appearance on a local TV newscast where they highlighted what Geocaching is all about.

Below is a picture at his 500th find which was actually a party for one of his friends, imjedi (Pictured with Darwin), who completed his first year of Geocaching.

What type of GPS should you get?

The Commander uses an old Garmin GPS V which is already obsolete but Madison Joe (the one giving me the rabbit ears) uses the same model. The Commander's Christmas "wish list" has only one item on it...a Garmin 60Csx...and GrammyB came through.  Looking forward to a New Year with a new GPS.

Why Garmin? It's what we used in the Navy and more importantly, the Commander has 200 shares of stock in Garmin so keep that stock price going up!

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