BPAA Lecture Series 2002   

Lecture 2

Copernicus, Brahe and Kepler

I recommend very highly, Owen Gingerich's two books:

The Great Copernicus Chase, Sky Publishing, 1992

The Eye of Heaven, American Institute of Physics, 1993

The standard biographies of Brahe and Keplar are:

Thoren, Victor E., The Lord of Uraniborg, Cambridge, 1990.

Caspar, Max, Kepler, Abelard-Cushman, 1959. Also available in Dover paperback

A new biography of Brahe is much more available:

Christianson, John, On Tycho's Island, Cambridge 2000

A good general reference from ancient times to the present:

Hetherington, Norris R, (Editor), Encyclopedia of Cosmology, Garland 1993.

Animations for this lecture:

Ptolemy's model for Mars

Ptolemy's model for Mercury

Retrograde animation

This is a superb History of Astronomy link from Cambridge University:

History of Astronomy Whipple Museum

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