BPAA Lecture Series 2002

Lecture 3

The Great Theories, Implementation and Confirmation;

The 17th Century Transits


History of Astronomy Whipple Museum  is an excellent link for the 17th century.


Pierre Gassendi Biographical Details : Gassendi was the first to observe a transit of Mercury as predicted by Kepler.


Galileo biographical details

Tycho Brahe's book on his instruments (Thanks to Paul Below for finding this site)

Cool Java web site for telescope ray diagrams


Jeremiah Horrocks biographical details


Transits by David Sellers is an excellent link for the application of the transits of Venus to the problem of the solar parallax.


TRACE Homepage shows a transit of Mercury from the TRACE space probe.

Gascoigne micrometer Link

Halley's admonition to the Royal Society recommending the transit of Venus as the best way to obtain the solar parallax.


Hevelius biographical details
Historic Celestial Atlas including ones by Hevelius and Flamsteed.


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