BPAA Lecture Series 2002   

Lecture 4

Halley, Comets and Newton


The definitive biographies of Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley are:

Never at Rest, A Biography of Isaac Newton, Richard S. Westfall, Cambridge University Press, 1980

In the Presence of the Creator, Isaac Newton & his Times, Gale E. Christianson, The Free Press, 1984

Edmond Halley, Charting the Heavens and the Seas, Alan Cook, Oxford, 1998.

Newton biographical link.

Interesting Newton site

Halley biographical link

This link provides historical background for orbits and gravitation.

Hale Bopp link
This link shows an Animation of the Ulysses high latitude solar explorer space craft passing through Hale Bopp's ion tail.
Halley's comet  Link.
Comet size paper links to a technical report on using the Keck II telescope to estimate comet nucleus sizes.