BPAA Lecture Series 2003
Lecture 3

The Analemma; The Sun in the Church; The Lunar Cycle

Reference: The Sun in the Church, Cathedrals as Solar Observatories, J.L. Heilbron., Harvard University Press 1999

The above is an excellent and very readable book on a little known aspect of the history of astronomy.

The following provide information on analemmas:

Analemma link
Photographing the Analemma
Making your own Analemma

This link has pictures of meridian lines in Italian churches.

San Petronio Meridiana link

Biographical information can be obtained from the following sites:

Egnatio Pellegrino Rainaldi Danti

Giovanni Domenico Cassini

This page provides some good animations and exercises related to the lunar cycle:

Lunar Cycle

Lecture 4 is scheduled for February 27 at Bainbridge Island High School 7 PM.


BPAA Lecture Series 2003