Proud new owner of beach house on Copalis Beach, WA, June 21, 2002

Bill Beaudoin relaxing after helping Paul.   Dirk just relaxing. That's the Pacific Ocean beyond the dune grass. 

First guests in August 2002: Ellen, George, Sara Nell, Phyllis, Dave. High powered talent leveling the SubZero refrigerator. George Davis (RADM USN Ret) on the crowbar. Tom Anderson (CAPT USN Ret.) on the hammer. The gold Rolex on the left belongs to Dave Middleton (CAPT USN Ret.) providing supervision.

A sunset, Fall 2002.  Mr. Chee loves the new beach house.

Paul and Dirk enjoy the fruits of their beach combing. Paul with two of his favorite beach bunnies!

Sara Nell, Phoebe and Amy on Copalis Beach. Friends gather to help celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary.

John Paulk and the thanksgiving Turkey  that almost wasn't.  Emma with Ken Thompson at  the beach.

New Year 2003. Terry Beaudoin, Russ & Maxine Warren, Ellen, Bill Beaudoin, Dirk. Bill alder smoked a pork shoulder. It was terrific!

Nora Berg lived on Copalis Beach in the 1940's and 50's. She wrote a charming book about her life there.

Nora Berg, The Lady on the Beach

These pictures provide aerial views of the beach in 1997. Connor Creek runs in front of our place. In 1998 the creek continued its northerly migration and cut off the beach access roads. In the first picture XanaDune is at the upper right hand edge. In the next picture we are in the left center, just to the left of the two prominent houses closest to the creek. The creek migration is caused by the accretion of sand during winter storms. We are hoping that a beach erosion control project will be approved which will return Conner Creek to it 1990 location about two miles south of us. Beach access requires either a walk along the creek or a wade across the creek.

For other shoreline photos, click on this link