BPAA Lecture Series 2002   

Lecture 8

The Rise of Astrophysics

Photometry, Photography and Spectroscopy


The Harvard College Observatory, Jones and Boyd, Belknap Press, 1971

The Explorers of Mars Hill, William Lowell Putnam, Lowell Observatory 1994

A History of Astronomy from 1890 to the Present, David Leverington, Springer 1995

The History of Astronomy from Herschel to Hertzsprung, Dieter B. Herrmann, Cambridge 1973

Cambridge Illustrated Astronomy, Michael Hoskin, Cambridge 1997

Stars, James B. Kaler, Scientific American Library, 1992

National Academy of Sciences link provides excellent biographies of modern scientists.

NASA Abstract Data Service provides access to many fundamental papers and journal articles. Copies of some are on the CDROM

Project CLEA  
This provides free software for Contemporary Laboratory Experiences in Astronomy. These allow you to operate modern simulated telescopes from your computer, take spectra and make photometric measurements. Highly recommended. This will be demonstrated in class. The basic software and several exercises are on the CDROM.