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chevy bowtie      1986 Monte Carlo SS      Chevy Bowtie

picture of Mike's Monte This is Mike's 1986 Monte Carlo SS
(as purchased)

Mike and his car
Here is a picture of Mike and his car.

Mike and his Dad are going to work on the car as a project.

We created this site so that all of you can watch our progress.

We will try and update the site as we make major progress on the car.

Hopefully, we don't make any major mistakes, but if we do, we hope you can benefit from what we say here.

Our Plans ...

Well, we are not going to fully restore the car to "Original Condition" , but do a good job at fixing it up.

After we do these items, and if we have any money left, we might pull the engine next year and rebuild it. (Mike wants to put a Chevy 350 w/lots of horsepower in, but he'll need a lot more money for that)

Status    (newest item will be at the top)

Long time since the last update....
Everything has been removed from the frame (WOW, that was hard).
  Most of the A-Arm bolts were rusted so bad we had to heat and beat on them to get them out!
  Many other botls were rusted bad also.
The frame has been media blasted, primed, and painted.   We are using Eastwood's Extreme Chassis Black and Extream Chassis Black Primer.
Frame side painted
Frame rear painted
Here is a pciture of the frame number
Frame number   

The Body is painted.
   MBC - Acrylic Basecoat (outside)
   MC161 - High Solids Urethance Clear (outside)
   MTK - Acrylic Urethance 1 step (inside)

RR painted LR painted
ttop painted LR fender painted
inside painted under painted
No, that isn't a bad picture of the underside of the body.
We used truck bed-liner on the underneath side to help protect it from the elements.

The major parts of the body are Primed... We are using PPG products.
   MP170 - Epoxy Primer
   MP182 - 2K Urethane Surfacer

WOW !  We got the major body parts back from the blaster.   They are SUPER clean (Would have been hard to do this by hand).
A few suprises showed up. The passenger rear fender (over the rear wheel) has got a lot of bondo on it.  There are also several places around the body that have holes (we kinda knew about these since we could see some rust).
RR blasted LR blasted lr rust rr rust T-Top rust rr bondo
Off to the medai blaster... Hope this works !

A bunch of parts arrived from Dixie Monte Carlo Depot ...
Brake lines, fuel lines, transmission cooler lines, T-top plates, weather striping, new ignigtion lock...

The rest of the body parts have been removed, and the body is off the frame.  It's time to get the parts cleaned.
We are looking at a local company that does media blasting.  Sounds like plasic beads will be the best choice.

The weather has finally warmed up and we are now working on the car...

So far, we have the front end, rear (trunk, lights, bumber, etc) and the passenger door off and disassembled. We'll post some pictures as soon as we can get them uploaded.

Our garage is not heated, so the real work will not begin until the weather gets warmer (it's -5 today... Burrrrrrr !   and if your curious, we live in South-Eastern Minnesota).  Looking for parts, paints, etc.
We are finding a TON of information on the   Monte Carlo SS web site   web site. 

The car arrived via a car carrier!  Now the excitement begins !!!

Won the auction on ebay....  Now, how do we complete the transaction and get the car?

June 2003
Started looking for a car.  Requirements: (SS, T-Tops, Black w/Grey interior, power windows, power locks, floor shifter)  Not much locally, but some friends said ebay had cars... we'll look there too.

Initial Inventory of the Car

This car has many items that need fixing....

   (Move your mouse over the colored text in this list to see pictures of the item)

  • Can't shift into first (the transmission works fine, the linkage must be messed up)
  • PRNDL doesn't read correctly
  • Right hand mirror remote cable doesn't work
  • Transmission shifts very hard (maybe someone put a shift kit in)
Exterior Interior Miscellaneous
  • Low voltage (the alternator doesn't seem to be working)
  • Power windows move up/down very very slowly (may be due to the low voltage)
  • Wipers run slow (may be due to the low voltage)
  • Blower motor runs slow (may be due to the low voltage)
  • Rear window defroster doesn't work
  • Horn doesn't work
  • Engine needs a tune-up (but, NO smoke or leaks)


So why did we get this car?

Useful links we've found

We are not  saying that these are the places we are going to get our parts from, or that we endorse these companies, but they do have information that you may find useful.