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Funnies #8

Take a sobering look at Brian's other ongoing work in the band Gumhead!

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The Complete Saga

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In 1986, Brian Kirk was a man with a felt-tip and a dream. A dream of a career beyond the narrow asiles and shelves of the local SuperDuperMegaMart. A dream of a career in that field which has held his eye since he was a mere boy. Comics.

But how? Comics were made my SuperDuperMegaCorporations who didn't know Brian from a scuff on their well-polished, corporate shoes. The answer was: Small Press.

Small Press comics are made by legions of creators whose scribblings see the light of day as a single piece of 8"x11" paper, cut in half the short way, stacked, folded in half and stapled in the middle to make a eight-page booklet with 5 1/2"x4" pages. Brian also creates 16 page comics, using two sheets of paper.

In existance since 1986, Moot Comics has been building momentum to the explosion of activity witnessed in 1995 and 1996. Brian is busier then ever before bringing the humor-starved comic market Ubiquitous Funnies, featuring Asinine Head, Slip and Smitty, Pissed-Off Comics, and The Man With the Cape. Brian's work can also be seen in the nationally distributed comic Plastic Soda.

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