Pug Knows Productions Presents

the BaNDo and WoOdY Show

Cliff Bate Chester, Bando, Timmy

Andrew Boush Woody, Bando, Mr. Dingle, Horst Mazarati

Matt Macheese Dr. X, Grizzwell

Tom Ericksen Timmy, Noel

Rob Mattison Bando, Dr. Y

Fomally Known As The

CHeSteR and WoOdY Show

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Art:Andrew Ritchie Color:Rob Mattison

They met in group therapy. What started out as dementia soon became Pug Knows Productions. Inspired by group insanity and too much television as youths Cliff Bates, Andrew Boush,Tom Ericksen, Matt Marchese and Rob Mattison created "The Chester and Woody Show." Join the ghoulish Chester and his batty friend Woody as they treat you to an odd assortment of obscure movies, classic cartoons, and nostalgic commercials. Joined by such guest as Bando and Dr. Y the insanity lives on. The group has occasionally been joined for therapy by Julie Ericksen, Jesse Hoy, Christian Pierce, Mike Sprague, and Heather Strasburg. Currently undergoing treatment with the group are Kent Kromrey and Scott E.C. Baseler. We are watching you.
---Scott E.C. Baseler

Art:Kent Kromrey Color:Rob Mattison


Want to see our minds at work??? Here are a few past scripts that have been shot..Download the Script and watch the show...
Artistic License..press here..
Retrospective '95..press here..
Making the Grade..press here..
Beauty And The Beast..press here..

Scripts not yet shot:
The Show Must Go On by Chris Rushmann..press here
Mecha-Woody! by Scott E.C.Baseler..press here
I Am The Bando: Resistance is Futile! by Kent Kromrey..press here

Art:Andrew Ritchie Color:Me

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