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My 2001 Monte Carlo SS High Sport

This is my 2001 Monte Carlo SS High Sport Limited Edition.
Currently has Pace Car Graphics in red on the car.
Back in September my buddy Jason and I embarked on a journey
to add some style to my car, I ordered the graphics kit from and chose the red version of the kit.
So there are now red checkers on the side of the car, Taz behind
the monte carlo scripts and TEAM Monte Carlo on the spoiler and
the Monte Carlo windshield decal...
Red underbody LEDs linked to the remote start system
It has Pace Car headrests from 2000 Pace Car(Chevy Embroidered)
CompuStar Remote Start
Red Ground Effect Stripe (in memory of #3, missing piece has been fixed since photo)
Red Dome Lights
Red Painted Calipers
Custom made BOMZ Fender Well Cold Air Intake
Vent Visors
Very Nice
Kenwood DNX-7100 Navigation system

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