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Kenwood DNX-7100

The "Nag" screen that only shows up for the navigation area of the unit.

The movement information.

The menu that overlays the navigation or any video after pressing the "FNC" button once.

MP3 CD in the "4 Line" display mode allowing you to have one line for artist, album, title, track number and time.

iPod connected with USB cable no iPod kit, notice only 2 buttons on bottom menu
this means the device is still scanning for all the content on the drive once done you
will see 4 buttons like the ones on the right.

This gives you the buttons "FList" and "PList"
PList is shown first and it is what I would use to navigate the iPod.

After hitting the "PList" button you will see choices for "Artist" "Playlist" "Genre"
"Album" and maybe some others.
I chose artist and this is what is listed.
I hit "12 Stones" then it shows the different albums and then I hit the "All" button
and it plays all songs by the artist

Here is the song playing with the album art shown too!

This is the "FList" button. It sees the iPod as "usb9"

To play the itunes music with this method choose iPod_control

Then Music

Then each folder looks like this

With horrible song titles

The moral of the story for the iPod is to use the "PList" button after it has scanned the content database on the iPod.

If you want to control the music from the iPod but have no information onscreen then
you can connect the iPod to the iPod audio input wire with a standard male to male
headphone style plug. The screen will say iPod disconnected but it will play the music
and you will have to control the iPod manually.

If you are not using the iPod adapter and you are plugging in the iPod with the usb
cable then choose the "USB" source from the director area of the Kenwood.






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