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Mod your PS2/PS360 Controller

You can use a PS2 to PS3 controller adapter to use this 360 style PS2 wired conroller on your PS3.

This is the standard PS360 controller that you will can get from
It sadly only has a 6 foot (2m) cable.
The controller is rather decent, especially for $5.99.
Issues with the way it comes
- Noisy L1/R1 buttons or "Bumpers"
- ROL lights up about 30% of the front of the controller
- It is a Wired controller
- Still has all the 360 labels on the buttons

All images are thumbnails to their original size.

Notice the lack of the headset jack and the silver or grey styled piece.

The boring back, no battery pack on this Wired controller.
Phillips head screws there are 7 of them. (one behind sticker)
Notice the Black bumpers and triggers.
Also the White D-Pad, it is just as bad as the 360 D-Pad.
Now the back is off we can see the insides.
A few wires connecting the board to the cable.
A very bare back of the board showing the triggers.

A closeup of the labels on the wires, who knows maybe this will help someone make it wireless in the future. :)
A shot of the inside of the front of the controller.
To solve the issue of the Red LED light leaking everywhere simply wrap some electricians tape where the Red ring is. This will stop the light from leaking out.
This is the Guide button dissasembeled. The XABY buttons are also assembled the same way so you can mod them by sliding them apart.
I printed this image and cut around the "PS" logo and placed it inside the Guide button.

A shot of the simple bumper buttons. The small chunk of plastic on each button is the part that pushes the actual button on the board.
Here we have the front of the board. I still had the "Start" button and the "Back/Select" button on the board.
Here is a closeup of the model information of the board.
You can also see the button that is pressed when you use L3

Here is the naked board.
The poor design of the inside of the board causes the analog stick to hit the L1 bumper button.
It is hard to see but the metal is actually bent because of the stick.
Here I have fixed the metal by bending it back.
I also solved the issue and trimmed the plastic dome with a scizzors

This is the Ring Of Light and the 4 surrounding RED LEDs
The 3rd and 4th player lights are pointless and they don't light up properly.

I chose to cover them both with electricans tape.
I had a real image of this but somehow it got deleted from my phone, so I modded the previous image in Photoshop CS3.
Here is the B button, I decided to blacken the B for something different.
Here is the blurry pic of it back together.
Completed PS360 Controller

Here is the completed PS360 controller.

The PS button actually works as a PS button on the PS3.

Here is a closeup of the ROL.

Here is a closeup of the PS logo.

Here is the ROL in the dark.
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