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The Frederick Family

An introduction and explanation

First a disclaimer, I am not a genealogist but a "compiler" that has spent some time online gathering information on the Frederick family. Using simple Internet searches I managed to find quite a bit about a family that is probably not as fascinating as some, but clearly more interesting than most.
I was fortunate that a man by the name of James Robling happened across my Web site. He had the inclination to email me, correct my mistakes, and point out errors that he feels a lot of people have been making about the Fredericks for a long, long time.

About twenty years ago, in the days before the Internet, Mr. Robling took the time to research his family tree. He has written three books on different branches of his family history. He never got around to writing the book on the fourth branch, the Fredericks. Instead he has generously offered to share his research and theories on the Fredericks with me.

With the help of Mr. Robling, and many other generous people, I have tried to present the Frederick story in the most usable, readable and historical manner. Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or disagreements.

Bryce Moore

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