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Sir Topham Hatt

(composed by Mike O'Donnell & Junior Cambell)

Britt Allcrot Inc.


His name is Sir Topham Hatt

Some people say he's (ahem) stout!

Rather rotund, really quite round

But he doesn't see it like that


He considers he's a gentleman of merit

With a railway exquisitely fine

But his main aim is to see that his trains

Run right on time



Sir Top, Sir Topham Hatt

He's the head of the railway

There is no doubt about that

Controller of the line

It's plain as plain can be, for everyone to see

That it's the Fat Controller's railway


One day he was having breakfast

When Thomas decided to call

He arrived unexpected, and quite uninvited

Straight through the dining room wall

"My goodness", said the Controller

"Why didn't you knock on the door?

This won't do at all, just look at my wall

And my breakfast's on the floor"




He's so proud of his engines

Each and every one

And though he's strict and meticulous

Favorites he has none

If ever there is trouble

You know who will be there

If there's ever a crash a smash or a muddle

He's there at the double, no trouble

'Cause it's the Fat Controller's railway


When Henry stayed in the tunnel

Everyone tried to push

But Sir Topham Hatt would have none of that:

"My doctor has forbidden me to push"

And one day the wind blew his hat off

A goat in the field saw his chance

He just picked up the had, said thank you for that

And ate it up for lunch


(Chorus repeated twice)


Sir Top-Ham-Hatt



Thomas the Tank Engine is © by HIT Entertainment. All rights reserved.

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