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The Whitney Experience - Chronicles of our day hikes in 1997 and 1999
White Mountain - A 14,000' training hike

Mt. Langley - A 14,000' 22 mile round trip training hike

SoCal Training Program - A comprehensive program to get you ready for Mt. Whitney
Planning - Some food for thought when putting your trip together
The Light Way - Ways to a lighter load
Gear, Food and Clothing - This is what we use, names and all
Day Hike FAQ - Question we've been asked over and over and over...

Shared Pages

Trail Map - An overview of the area
Directions - Basic directions from SoCal and Las Vegas airports
Basic Information - Forest Service Handouts and Some Useful Stuff We Created
Photo Gallery - Four Whitney trips worth of pictures and other pictures in the E. Sierra
Message Board - Share your questions and experiences with others
Area Guide - There is more to the Eastern Sierra than Mt. Whitney and Lone Pine
Guide Books - These are the guide books we use
Links - Useful SoCal and Eastern Sierra Links
Permit 2010 - The latest permit information for the 2009 quota period

Travel on Snow and Ice - Advice on Gear and Training

Trail Dangers - How to Minimize Trouble on the Trail

Wilderness Experience - How to Find A Wilderness Experience in This Crowded Area

The Blog - Opinion, reviews, trip reports and questions answered about Mt. Whitney and the Eastern Sierra