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Can you handle the truth? If you want opinion and information without the Chamber of Commerce spin this is place.


Orientation Notes for Whitney Newbies

What can go wrong usually does for first timers. Minimize your zigs when you really want to zag by reading this.


What Can Go Wrong On Mt. Whitney

You'd be surprised what can go wrong...like not knowing you got Acute Mountain Sickness problems, didn't bring enough...pick your poision, the stove crapped out, etc., etc., etc.

Mt. Whitney Backpacking/Day Hike Permit
The folks at the Inyo have changed their website and I can't find a link a permit application. If you find it you are a better person than I. The link is to their permit information page. I guess it will eventually show up here.

Dates Available Page 2010
This is what is available after the lottery.

The Mt. Whitney Shuttle Service
Flying your Cessna to Lone Pine and have to get to Whitney Portal? You can't make you car appear at both Whitney Portal or Horseshoe Meadow. Give these folks a call...it ain't cheap

Campground Reservations
If you need a multi-day campsite this is the place to go. Enter Whitney Portal or Lone Pine, these are the closest campgrounds to the trailhead.

Sierra Mountain Center
If you need a guide for the Mountaineering Route or lesson on snow travel before you early season trip this is the place.

Because It's Really Tall
Our favorite Mt. Whitney page. We referred to it at least four times prior to hiking.

Steve & Judy's Mt. Whitney Page
Mt Whitney from the European prospective. This page is not for the metric system challenged. Great section on acclimatization and HACE & HAPE.

Above California
Formerly the Boy Scout Lake page. This expanded page features a couple routes to Mt. Whitney and information on other popular Eastern Sierra trails.

Summit by Sunrise
A trail report on a full moon hike to the summit for those so inclined.

The most comprehensive website on the Eastern Sierra.

Lone Pine.com
Everything you wanted to know about Lone Pine, CA but were afraid to ask.

Lone Pine Weather
It's really from Bishop but that really shouldn't make much of a difference. Bishop is at 4,000', therefore, -4º for every 1,000' gained.

Cottonwood Lakes Weather Reporting Station
Closest weather reporting station to Whitney Portal, gives the hourly temperature at 10,200'.

Crabtree Meadows Weather Reporting Station
Closest weather reporting station to Mt. Whitney, gives the hourly temperature at 10,700', about 3 miles from the base of Mt. Whitney.

White Mountain Summit Weather
This station is operating by the White Mountain Research Station. It gives you the temperature and wind speed at 14,246'. It is not as thorough as the stations above. First time I used this site the temperature was 5° with the winds at 87 MPH, with gusts to 96 MPH...geesh. White Mtn is ~65 miles northeast of Mt. Whitney

Sun and Moon Data for One Day
Your tax dollars at work. This will give you the sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset info on your hike. Just enter Lone Pine, CA and your date.

Wilson's Eastside Sporting Goods
If you forgot something on your way from the Bay Area stop here in Bishop. They probably got it. If you need maps for another Sierra adventure this place beats REI hands down.

Other Sierra Nevada Links
Mountain Light Gallery
Galen and Barbara Rowell's gallery is a must see in Bishop even if you are interested in outdoor photography.

The Ancient Bristlecone Forest
A great place to visit in the White Mountains, east of Big Pine.

Rock Creek Home Page
A beautifully constructed site with all the hiking options available at one of the premire hiking areas in the Eastern Sierra.

Inyo National Forest
Useful site for all visitors to the Eastern Sierra.

The Mono Lake Home Page
One of our favorite places in the Eastern Sierra, we seem to return there every year.

Mammoth Lakes Visitor Bureau
Information on the Mammoth Lakes area, great site.

June Lake, California
Our favorite getaway place in the Sierra. Visit our friends David and Denise at the Reverse Creek Lodge, you won't be disappointed in their family hospitality.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon's Virtual Visitor Center
Has some information on Mt. Whitney since the peak is in Sequoia National Park.

The California Hiking Page
Details on hikes from Tahoe south to Mammoth Lakes.

Dances With Marmots
Ok, you have done Mt. Whitney and you are looking for other challenges. Maybe like the Pacific Crest Trail. Try this travelogue by New Zealander George Spearing on for size. This is a long and throughly enjoyable read.

San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountain Links

Socal Hikers and Peakbaggers

If you are looking for people to hike with go no further. A lot of interesting hikes done mostly in small groups.

Hiking in the Angeles National Forest
This site mirrors John W. Robinson's Trails of the Angeles.

San Gorgonio Wilderness Association
The best SoCal hiking page!

Other Links
Caltrans Highway Information Page
Up to the minute reports on road conditions throughout the State of California, with links to neighboring states.

Don't read English, no problem. Go the link and enter our page url. Instant French, German, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese.

Photography by Don
If you want to learn shoot great outdoor pictures take one of Don's workshops.

Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club
Great site for Socal residents and visitors

Peak to PeakTrail and Wilderness Links
Links to trail and wilderness internet sites throughout the world

Links to various hiking sites, many interesting narratives

Great Outdoor Recreation Page
A great resource for any outdoors activity

Dave Page Cobbler
If you need those old favs resoled or repaired this is the place

Specialty Outdoors
Short legs and long Gore Tex pants do create some problems. If you need alterations, modification or repairs to your technical clothing see Penny Schwyn

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