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Top Trails 1-20-2018


Dragon's Back and Widow maker 10-13-2017


twra new river unit 10-14-2017


bryant's and coppinger cove 9-29-2017


Tennessee Royal Blue and New River 9-16-2017


Flowery Branch Car Show 9-9-2017


Memorial Day Ride 5-24-2017


Ridge Trail TWRA New River Unit 4-8-2017


8th Anniversary Ride Brimstone, Royal Blue 4-4-2017


Dean Mine Trail Tennessee 3-10-2017


Puncheon Creek Camp Trail 3-10-2017


Bryants Cove Tennessee 2-4-2017


Bryants Cove Rainbow Falls Tennessee 2-4-2017


Shinedown Atlanta "Diamond Eyes" Live 12-10-2016


Shinedown Atlanta "Cut The Cord" Live 12-10-2016


Shinedown Atlanta "Sound of Madness" Live 12-10-2016


Fall Ride Dragons Back Tennessee 11-11-2016


Flowery Branch 13th Annual Car Show 9-10-2016


Labor Day Ride Tennessee 9-1-2016


Tennesee Stars Brimstone 9-1-2016


Lake Lanier Pirate Poker Run 7-16-2016


Corn Pone Spring Ride Tennessee 4-23-2016


7th Anniversary Ride Tennessee 4-4-2016


Halloween with DJ Mudcon 10-31-2015


Brimstone and TWRA @ the Corn Pone Ride 10-10-2015


Shinedown Harrah's Cherokee "Sound of Madness" LIVE 10-3-2015


Shinedown Harrah's Cherokee "Second Chance" LIVE 10-3-2015


Brimstone TWRA and Windrock @ the Corn Pone Ride 9 -18-2015


12th Annual Car Show Flowery Branch Georgia 9-12-2015 w/ DJI Phantom 3


First DJI Phantom 3 Drone Flight 6-21-2015


Brimstone and Royal Blue Anniversary Ride 4-4-15


First GoPro Hero 4 Time Lapse 1-2-2015


Birthday Ride Huntsville Tn 3-1-2015


Corn Pone 4th of July Ride 7-4-2014


Corn Pone Reclaim Ride 7-8-2014


5th Year Anniversary Ride 4-4-2014


CornPone 11-9-13


CornPone Preachin 11-9-13


Brimstone Ride 9-1-13


Capuchin Creek, Scott County 9-1-13


Brimstone Fall Ride 11-10-12

"Corn Pone"


Brimstone 8-18-12


Teryx Lit Up-- Stobes N More E66


Teryx HID Night Ride 11-2011


Trail Behind the New Property 11-11-11


Fall Ride at Royal Blue, Brimstone and Windrock 11-11-11


Royal Blue Ride 10-15-2011 in the XP 900 and GoPro

 Ol'Rowdy RZR XP 900 Hill Climb with GoPro


Royal Blue Ride 9-24-2011


Trail Behind the New Property 9-22-2011


Brimstone Tennessee Ride 4-17-2011


Brimstone Flood 4-2011


First Teryx Video Hill Climb


North Georgia Foresty Roads-Good Times

My Brimstone Commercial 2007




Honeymoon Ride 4-4-09

(right click the link to download)

Caryville 10-25-08

(right click link to download)



Windrock Tn 10-6-2007


Windrock Tn 9-8-2007


Windrock Getaway Tn 5-11-2007


Scott County Tn 3-31-2007


Birthday Ride Tn 3-2007


December Snow Rock n Roll Ride Scott County 12-2006


Brimstone Ride Tn 10-(5-6th)-2006


Scott County Tn 10-7-2006

BirthDay Bash at BroadRiver!!!!!!!!!!

Mudcon's BirthdayBash 3-4-06, BroadRiver Atv

What A Rush!!!!!!

Brute Force Rush(Warning On the Lyrics)




Cocktail Cove Weekend at Lake Lanier

Memorial Day Weekend 2006


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