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Browse through my pages and see the assembly of my Glastar kit airplane!  It's been a slow project so far, but I am hoping to make some strides towards completing this awesome machine. 

This plane is a 2 seat machine which is a high performance high wing design.   It flies fast (170+ MPH), and it flies slow (<50 MPH).  At this time, I plan on installing an NSI Aero Subaru engine package designed specifically for this air frame, which I consider to be the most state-of-the-art, and best performing engine/propeller package available.  This plane is also quite capable of long flights of 1,000 miles, and has a hearty baggage area for bringing 'stuff' along.  I am hoping to some day spend many, many hours touring the country in this beautiful machine.


Glastar Kit Arrival

Rudder Assembly

Horizontal Stab & Elevator Assembly

Wing Assembly

Fuselage Assembly

NSI Engine Installation


February 2002 - I finally have my Private Pilot license.  I did my training in a Cessna 172,
which should be similar to flying the Glastar.  Now I can really get cranking on my building!

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