N9EWO tests 3 Chinese Portables
Sangean ATS-909X (including Radio Labs version)
Tecsun PL-660
Tecsun PL-880

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HUGE thanks to "John Case" as without his help, this page would NOT be here.
*** CCrane ANALOG "Regulated" 5 Volt mini-USB power supply review on the bottom of this page ***

Sangean ATS-909X
(see VERY IMPORTANT updates in green block below that changes this review outcome)
(N9EWO Photo)

N9EWO Review : SANGEAN ATS-909X (as Stock)

Firmware Version Tested: 1.29
Country of Manufacture: China (not marked on radio cabinet, manual or box)
Approx. Serial Number of Test Sample: 290050xx

GOOD : Analog dual up conversion with an additional well implemented Si4735 DSP stage that gives good sensitivity and selectivity with 2 IF bandwidths on MW and SW. Good SSB mode with low distortion audio, and separate USB and LSB selections (see con). Manual ECSS somewhat useful (see con). Excellent top notch FM performance (sensitivity, selectivity and audio quality). Easy to view “large” LCD that also features excellent back lighting (on full time when operating from external AC adapter). Front panel tuning jog shuttle wheel (with detents) that feature 2 well chosen tuning rates which auto change between modes (see con). Very good ergonomics (see con). SW / MW side mounted "variable" attenuator (marked as RF Gain) that works well to tame the receiver’s limited dynamic range. Hard rubber push buttons that have good tactile response. Well-positioned “Up-Down” slewing buttons. 3 position tone control works above average (for a switch type tone control). Useful and good performing squelch control. 406 total memory channels, including a lone and very useful priority button (includes alpha tags for pages). 3-event timer and sleep/snooze functions. An unusually accurate 12-segment (is really 12 and not say 6) signal strength indicator. Sensitive “Radio Data System” (RDS) feature that works without any major intervention. Built in automatic battery recharge circuit for internal 4 AA ni-mh batteries (not included). Stereo “Line Audio” output that has proper level. Line input jack for mp3 player or other audio device. FM stereo LCD indicator and stereo-mono selection. Attractive metal speaker grill. Includes a hum free AC-AC adapter, soft plastic carrying case, reel antenna and so-so earbuds. Clock displays separate from frequency (see con). LW band coverage (not tested). External antenna jack works for SW and MW (see con). Hinged battery cover. More solidly constructed than other lower cost Chinese sets in this size (or somewhat smaller). Available in “White-Silver” or “Black” cabinet versions.

BAD : Limited dynamic range (MW/SW) especially detected with external antenna’s at night (easily cured with variable attenuator control) . SW whip sensitivity below average. SSB slow step rate is 40 hz, so tuning may be off including any manual ECSS reception. Tuning knob “job wheel” sometimes skipped or missed steps on test sample. Slippery and tight rotating volume control. Requires pressing the F button prior of using direct frequency entry. MW / SW fading distortion above average. General audio quality on MW / SW "AM Mode" is fair to poor. 5-language skimpy owners manual that only covers very basic operation. After some time during AC adapter operation the rear cabinet (near the power jack) becomes quite warm. AGC performance for very weak signal reception is fair to poor. Clock digits small and only 24-hour format. Even with good SSB mode, the AGC decay rate is still too fast. 3-step battery indicator is only of marginal use. External antenna jack does not work on FM. Bandwidth selection is via a mechanical slide switch on right side panel. County of manufacture is missing on the receiver or box (a common trait for Sangean). Relatively expensive (about double) when compared to other Chinese sets with similar features.

With the stock ATS-909X’s totally dismal audio quality and excessive fading distortion on MW / SW, one should consider the modified Radiolabs “ClearMod” version (review listed below). Not that it makes a princess out of a toad (its doesn’t), it is a noticeable improvement in audio quality , fading distortion and better AGC performance with very weak signals. If you desire even better audio quality and a fairly decent Sync Detector the Tecsun PL-660 might be a better choice (see review below) ?? But it too has it’s own bugs to deal with.

There are modifications around to help improve the SW “whip” sensitivity (at the cost of FM sensitivity), but did not test this, and for most it will be better to forget this. When connected to a decent outdoor antenna, or even just using the included “reel” one, the sensitivity is equivalent to any other portable out there. We found the RadioLabs ATS-909X version to actually beat out the Tecsun PL-880 using the attached whips at our test location.

The included power adapter is the same AC to AC supply that comes with the Sangean DAR-101 mp3 recorder (as shown in picture below). This 9 volt wall wart has AC output (not DC) and the rectifier , filtering and regulation are done inside the ATS-909X / DAR-101 . The DAR-101 stand alone audio recorder is a perfect add on as the jack connections are ready to go.

Sangean's DAR-101 stand alone audio recorder (above) is a perfect add on as the jack connections are ready to go (if you make use of the timer functions). My review on the excellent DAR-1 can be found here.

Dave N9EWO
, all rights reserved
Ver 1.2

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N9EWO Review : Sangean ATS-909X (RadioLab's "ClearMod" Modified Version)

Firmware Version Tested: 1.29
Country of Manufacture: China (not marked on radio cabinet, manual or box)
Approx. Serial Number of Test Sample: 320085xx

GOOD : Noticeable improved “very weak signal” MW / SW signal capture and clarity. Improved AGC performance and audio quality. Optional detent removal in jog tuning wheel.

BAD : Added expense and even more if you desire the “Jog Wheel” detent removed. Reduces DX performance, adjacent channel rejection with wider IF filters that are replaced out (from the narrower stock ones). MW / SW "AM mode" audio quality is still not very pleasant (after awhile listening to it).

We have been fortunate enough to be able to have a stock AND a RadioLab's “ClearMod” version of the ATS-909X for side-by-side testing.

As per the RadioLabs web site the “Clearmod” version of the 909X is touted to replace the 2 stock murata IF filters (just before the DSP) with wider ones for improved clarity and sensitivity.

An optional part of this modification (and at an additional cost) is to have the tuning dial detent removed. Our test sample came with it removed and is hard to say yes or no if it’s worth it (we are 50-50 on it).

What we have found in performance testing is the RadioLabs filter modifications made for a noticeably improved “very weak signal” MW / SW signal capture and improved clarity with any signal. Very weak signals did not get washed out in the AGC as much as with the stock sample. Even more importantly is the fading distortion is reduced with all signals , this is of course more than likely because of the wider bandwidth filter in the works.

Here is a 49 second comparison mp3 SW recording that shows the difference. The first 24 seconds of an unmodified sample 909X, the last part with the RadioLabs “Clearmod” version. Same very weak signal, same "Wide" bandwidth filter being used, same external antenna, totally equal (both battery operation). You can hear the “ClearMod” sample easily wins the race with this VERY WEAK SW station. However even with the wider IF filters the audio quality while improved is still no great shakes (in my view). Even with the modified “Wide” filter now being at (near) 9 KHz, the si4735 DSP treatment after still makes the audio quality to sound pinched and not really pleasant after awhile (but again is improved over any stock sample).

49 second “mp3” SW recording "SANGEAN ATS-909X" :  First part , stock sample . Second part, modified Radiolabs “ClearMod” sample. Very weak signal , external antenna.

We also made this test using just the whip antennas and ditto; the RadioLabs sample also came out on top as well (similar to the recording above made with external antenna’s). [Sorry no recordings on this but are similar differences as with external antenna in use].

Original Murata 450 KHz Filters :
(Narrow) : SFR450J (3.8 KHz)
(Wide) : SFPLA450KJ1A (4.0 KHz)

RadioLabs “ClearMod” Auris 450 KHz IF Filters :
(Narrow) : LT450IW (4 KHz)
(Wide) : LT450GW (9 KHz)

So is this Radiolabs "ClearMod" version worth the extra cost ?? I will say, “yes” even if its splitting hairs somewhat for the improved signal. Even just with less fading distortion with the wider “wide” filter is worth it. However the SSB filtering (narrow filter) is still a bit wide and AGC is still too fast for outstanding SSB (but is still the best of the 4 models tested here).

The RadioLabs version of the ATS-909X is a very nice portable overall even with the still somewhat deaf whip sensitivity on SW (just use the included reel up antenna for added performance). However if you desire even better “wider” audio (like I prefer) and Sync detection, the Tecsun PL-660 might be the better choice. But again with the Tecsun the quality of construction (and dud rate) and feel is only fair to us and has it’s own share of bugs to deal with (but it’s very usable Sync does help greatly for weak signal sensitivity with the PL-660). If SSB is very important to you, it’s easy to say the Sangean ATS-909X is the clear winner (stock or Radiolabs version), even with the bugs .

Dave N9EWO
, all rights reserved
Ver 1.4

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Later "P-01" Firmware has Issues / Poor Customer Service - QC from "RadioLabs"   
John Case checks in with news that Sangean have changed the ATS-909X's firmware to "P-01" (from 1.29). The MAJOR downside with HIS sample of this later "P-01" firmware is on LSB or USB modes the usable volume either drops severely or drops out near all together. John tells us that Jay Allen has also verified this bug.

Our review on the Sangean ATS-909X can be found here using 1.29 firmware (both stock and modified). But even with the "RadioLab" mods with firmware 1.29 the MW/SW "AM Mode" the audio still disappoints greatly in our view with the 909X. I can not stand listening to a ATS-909X for more than 30 minutes on SW before my brain gets tired and MUST shut it off ! But before this firmware change it DID have very good SSB.

John also reports that he has had very poor "customer service / quality control" with "RadioLabs". He also has told us that Sangean customer service reported that P-01 is the newer firmware, and is not a mistake (both white and black versions have been noted with the P-01 firmware). Again with John's test sample SSB was almost inaudible, even at maximum gain. His even greater problem with "RadioLabs" is they told him they had Ver 1.29 black radios in stock and would send him one, but instead sent a P-01 version. They left a ribbon cable disconnected after modification, so I he had to open the radio and reconnect it to test it. Appears that they do not check anything after replacing the filters and removing the detent. Worse, after telling RadioLabs he wanted to send it back for a refund (at John's expense), they gave him an RMA number, and even acknowledged receipt, but sat on the refund for almost 2 weeks until Paypal intervened. NOTE : Is it possible that John's sample may have been defective ??

UPDATES : Appears there is more to the later "P-01" firmware. Avo Ohaniam reports over on "SWLing.com", that his "P-01" sample suffers from greater general drift (as noticed vs. his older sample with 1.29), undesirable backlight changes, background audio hiss even on super strong signals and a higher FM Stereo threshold (that is it now takes a stronger signal for "Stereo" to kick in). However he also states that his MW reception is improved, plus the bandwidths are wider and better audio quality (this is not a bad thing aside from the increased hiss). John Case is thinking that Sangean has now done away with the 2 bandwidth filters altogether and now ONLY using the DSP chip for IF bandwidth filtering. This has not been verified by us but if true of course probably makes the "RadioLabs" IF Bandwidth filter modifications no longer required. NOW....another user has reported that his ATS-909X with the 1.29 firmware has unusable SSB as well. So this saga gets even more interesting !!

Tecsun PL-660
(N9EWO Photo)

N9EWO Review :TECSUN PL-660

Firmware Version Tested: Unknown
Country of Manufacture: China
Approx. Serial Number of Test Sample: 396201403019xx

GOOD : Dual Up Conversion design . Decent SW/MW sensitivity (whip or external antenna), especially when the near excellent synchronous detector that includes selectable sideband, is used. Generally good ergonomics including excellent direct keyboard entry operation. LW and AirBand frequency coverage (not tested). Clean and open audio (even if sounding a bit shrill). Buttons have good tactile feel (see con). Unique 2 speed tuning selector that works well (Fast or Slow modes only, not both on at once). 2 well-chosen bandwidth filters (for AM mode signals). 2 event timer and sleep functions. 2000 total memory channels. ATS (Auto Tuning Storage) that also operates on SW. 24 hour clock, display separate from frequency. SSB mode is average for price point and usable, includes a SSB fine tune control (see con). 3 step attenuator switch. LCD is large and well laid out (see con). Power jack uses the now un-standard NEGATIVE tip. FM Stereo indicator and selector. Built in ni-mh recharge circuit. Includes unregulated AC adapter, padded carrying case and 4 low capacity ni-mh rechargeable batteries.

BAD : Very weak MW / SW signals tend to get swamped into the AGC noise floor (using the Sync detector helps to near correct this, but not always). FM performance only so-so and adjacent channel rejection is fair. SSB and the fine tune control operate strangely and SSB audio contains “buzzy” audio traits that makes for strained use. Frequency display off on FM (about 50 khz high), a real issue with weak signals being received properly (see text for adjustment tweak). Sync detector symmetrically off (but can be slightly off tuned). Auto tuning speed selection (fast and slow on together) makes for difficult operation.5-step signal strength indicator pins on even the weakest of signals. No frequency slewing buttons. Limited dynamic range more so with external antenna’s at night (curable with the 3 step attenuator). FM whip antenna is still active when external jack is used (not an issue on SW). MW not supported on external antenna jack. Buttons are small and some are recessed to make matters even worse. LCD backlight is dim and no way for continuous operation even when connected to the AC Adapter. 2 step tone control just a high cut off filter. Cabinet quality fair and encoder / volume knobs feel low quality. Battery cover not hinged. No line audio output jack (see text). Confusing “Chinglish” owner’s manual. Included AC adapter cable too short.

The PL-660 works generally very well and usable Sync Detection (over the PL-880....arf !). But is not as well made as the Sangean to our eyes and fingers. No line record output either, which is huge drawback for us. Good news is the headphone output is so clean one can CAREFULLY connect this to a “line input” on a recorder or computer and get fairly good results (just watch the volume control not to get too loud).

We also noticed some weird AGC trait where it tends to wash out weak MW/SW band signals but if the sync is used really helps the situation, sometimes greatly. The FM band sensitivity was only average on our test sample and can’t separate station as well either. So if you need above average FM Broadcast, this is not the set for you.

SSB while it does better than the PL-880 (massive distortion / clipping), is still not the greatest. Here we have a “buzzy” trait and also some clipping in the audio on really strong signals once in awhile. It's hard to tune and another strange background "whoosh" sound that varies with rotation of the fine tune control (another AGC bug??). Thank goodness it does use the more standard 4 AA battery operation and includes a non-switching and unregulated AC adapter (WARNING : Set uses a negative tip on the power jack !!). This AC adapter works well but the cable is too short however (only 4 feet long). One cannot keep the back light on "full time" even with the AC adapter in use (which is just plain stupid). Dynamic range is also limited with external antenna’s at night, so overloads say on 41~49 meters , but again can be tamed using the 3-step attenuator switch. Not as nice as the ATS-909X’s variable control of course .

Sync detector works well even if the center point was off a bit with the test sample (so switching between USB and LSB Sync does not sound the same). It does have a pretty narrow lock in range (maybe 1 khz either side maximum). But this allows for a tweak on either side of the signal to allow for a crisper audio response. When used it can greatly help with weak signal reception. It really does decrease fading distortion and adjacent channel interference well. The 2 bandwidth filters get the job done nicely and are electronically selected on the front panel. There are no side-mounted mechanical switches to have to fiddle with. It rarely looses lock even on the weakest of signals (something we can’t say about the old Sony ICF-SW7600GR, which has a lousy Sync in comparison. See here for my insight on the ICF-SW7600GR portable .

Tecsun's PL-660 is a nice set for the money spent (provided you don’t receive a dreaded Tecsun-Degen dud, or other bugs). It is sold in Black and Silver cabinet colors. On a final note our early 2014 test sample never experienced the SSB or MW drift as reported elsewhere (it's SSB is rock stable for hours on end). Also the variable sensitivity bug reported elsewhere was another one that never cropped up with our later production sample .

FM Calibration Adjustment (Not Tested) : Kaito Electronics reports this hidden function to calibrate the FM frequency (if it's off) with the PL-660.
"Re-calibrating FM, radio needs to be on and set to FM band. Tune to the desired frequency/station you wish to listen to, press "SYNC" for about 3 seconds back light will flash. Tune up until the frequency/station sounds more clear press "1" to confirm re-calibration. If done correctly the correct frequency/station will be displayed on the display. Keep the battery in for all the time." (this probably means that when the batteries are replaced this needs to be done again ??)

Dave N9EWO
, all rights reserved
Ver 1.2

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Tecsun PL-880
(N9EWO Photo)

N9EWO Review : TECSUN PL-880

Firmware Version Tested: 8820
Country of Manufacture: China
Approx. Serial Number of #1 (defective) Test Sample: 426201312004xx
(The defective sample was even slightly less sensitive on SW than the replacement below)
Approx. Serial Number of #2 Test Sample: 426201312005xx

GOOD : Dual Up Conversion analog design that also includes a DSP IF (Si4735) for the decent IF bandwidth filtering. Outstanding super clean MW / SW / FM audio quality with it’s sealed active and passive speaker system (see con). 3-step attenuator switch. Generally good ergonomics including excellent direct keyboard entry. 2 knob fast and slow tuning (allows for super fine tuning on SSB, a rarity on portables in this price category). All keys have very good tactile response. Display button allows for clock to be displayed independently from frequency display. Line Output jack (see con). LCD backlight can be easily switched on full time. Signal Strength / SNR digital display is decent (after one gets used to it). ATS (auto tuning system) that also works on SW. 3050 total memory channels. 1 event timer and sleep function. LW band coverage (not tested). Built in auto Lithium battery charger. A slew of un-documented adjustments for operation tweaks. Stereo-mono indicator and selector. Attractive metal speaker grill and long “snooze bar” on top. Includes a zippered carrying case and one 18650 lithium ion battery.

BAD : Audio may be considered too “bassy” by some (is not selectable). A 2-step tone control is nothing more than a simple high cut switch. General whip and overall sensitivity is the worst of the lot (however using a better external antenna makes it reasonably good). Limited dynamic range when external antenna’s in use more so at night (curable with the 3 step attenuator). Very weak MW / SW signals tend to get swamped out in the AGC. No frequency slewing (up-down buttons). Line audio output is bit too hot (high level), but not to any distortion levels. The “unofficial” Synchronous Detector is useless (more distortion and warble than signal). With our test sample SSB modes were are awash with distortion, makes SSB modes also totally useless. Battery cover not hinged. SW bandwidth always defaults to 5 KHz when first selected (in VF mode). Limited "wider" SSB mode bandwidths. MW not supported on external antenna jack. Flimsy whip antenna (top segments are easily bent). Uses an untraditional 18650 Lithium Ion battery for power, standard AA’s operation is not possible. Power input (charging and operation) is via a 5-volt (at 500ma) mini-USB power supply, locating a suitable NON-switching AC adapter is difficult (and NOT included), see the bottom of this page for a solution .

IF filtering is done a bit different over the Sangean ATS-909X. Whereas the Sangean determines the general IF bandwidth with 2 ceramic filters (then a post DSP treatment after), the Tecsun does it’s IF filter business within the Si4735 DSP chip. So for the many additional bandwidth selections offered. We have a bug where the SW bandwidth always defaults (at first power up) to 5 KHz when first selected (in VF mode). Tinkering with the secret menus did nothing to correct his either.

Tecsun PL-880 "IF Bandwidth's"
AM Mode : 2.3, 3.5, 5, 9 KHz
SSB Mode : 500 hz, 1.2, 2.3, 3.0, 4.0 KHz

The PL-880 has a killer sounding speaker using a passive sealed internal enclosure. Nice clean audio too with a 9 khz AM max bandwidth and AB type amplifier. Most of us already know about the stinky sync performance and the “Hidden Menu’s (if not , can view those here). Our testing was done with DRN to OFF and the soft mute at "zero”.

I'm not a fan of it's 18650 lithium ion battery ONLY operation (no AA battery use). The external DC jack is via a mini-USB port for charging or operation. Using this set connected to a computer or with any “cell phone” or other 5-volt power adapter does not work on MW / SW with the switching power supply RF noise (see bottom of this page for maybe a cure on this). Our first test sample was actually defective, had no fine-tuning and also a loose whip antenna base. Also the whip antenna has some very thin elements the closer you get to the top. It can bend very easily if not careful

Biggest "bug-a-boo" with the PL-880 is the downright nasty distortion with SSB modes. No amount of radio adjustments helped to control it . It's so bad as to almost make ones eyes water and SSB modes are totally useless. With the unofficial "Sync Detector" in use the distortion is so bad as to add warble in the mix as well. We can't say if this major issue has been cleared up in later production ?

Dave N9EWO
c N9EWO,
all rights reserved
Ver 1.2

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Please Note  : The Sangean ATS-909X was tested with 1.29 Firmware. Later samples are now using different firmware and are NOT valid for this chart. (see green block above for important updated information). 

"....and the winner is ??..."

If SSB is important to you, the Sangean RadioLabs "ClearMod" model is the clear winner to our ears and eyes . No other set out of this bunch came close decoding SSB signals as well as the 909X (but not that it's perfect either). MW / SW "AM mode" audio quality does not still par too great however (more so with the stock version) . Looking for a low cost in this size for decent MW / SW Broadcasting traits ?? Then our pick is the Tecsun PL-660. Even with the PL-880's fantasic audio with MW / SW AM mode signals and FM , the rest of it was a fast downhill slide. SSB is OK and usable on the PL-660, but it has a "buzzy" trait in the audio . How bad can you make a set sound with SSB signals ?? The PL-880 sample we used in our tests has to be one of the worst sets for SSB we have ever used . It's SW whip sensitivity was worse than the stock Sangean ATS-909X in our tests too. However the PL-660's FM performance is not the greatest either. FM Broadcast on the Sangean ATS-909X is nothing short of near perfect . IMPORTANT NOTE : Sangean has changed the ATS-909X "1.29 firmware" after our testing (see green block above for very important update information).  Dave N9EWO

*** CCrane ANALOG "Regulated" 5 Volt mini-USB power supply for use with SW Radio's with USB Power Requuirements ***
We had to wonder if this 5-volt mini-USB AC adapter sold by CCRANE (sold for it's Witness PLUS radio/recorder product) might be useful for other SW sets that also use a mini-USB plug?? The main problem with any of the cheapie USB power adapters around everwhere , they are of SWITCHING design and create NASTY RF interference to make radio use impossible (only good for charging batteries and maybe FM radio use if you are lucky). Yes, one handy with electronics could always build a nice non switching adapter like this , but how about one pre-made out of the box for the rest of us (or don't care to build it and at a human price) !!

Our test sample of this simple Korean made USB AC Adapter is indeed an ANALOG design using a beefy power transformer and a NON-Switching type voltage regulator device for totally clean operation. It also features 900 ma of operation current so can easily work with the Degen DE1128H (charging and operation at the same time that can require up to 800 ma). It has an excellent 6-foot output cable that is also unusually flexible and light. It’s even screwed together. One should make note that this will not (and should not) be used for higher current devices such as cell phones or other high current charging devices that require over 900 ma. So you have been WARNED here!! But for any SW radio uses should not be a problem here (however you need to check this important specification BEFORE).

This AC Adapter’s identification sticker shows it made by JUNG EUN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD in Korea. Model: SR-0509U. We have been unable to find another source for it, so it appears that it has been custom made for CCrane ?? After internal inspection, the ANALOG regulator used is a (TO-220 case, with 4 leads) KEC KIA278R05PI (4 TERMINAL LOW DROP VOLTAGE REGULATOR), mounted on a heatsink (see photo below for internal picture, click on it for larger view) .

On an important side note: I FINALLY figured out the mini-USB pin outs for these Chinese Radios that use it for power charging / operation. There is a bug that can happen with Degen sets with the variability of pin # 4 use in the industry with mini-USB. Normally pin 1 is + and pin 5 is . Pin 4 is usuallywith cell phone chargers (hard wired type adapters with non-detachable cables). Pin 4 being - is not important with Tecsun, will work just fine. However with Degen this is a major problem. It needs to be open OR + with pin 4 (if it will not work).

When a radio is connected to a computer using a USB to a 5 pin mini-USB cable, pin 4 is open (this wire is not supported, so with Degen or Tecsun works fine of course). We can say (and have tested) a common stand alone USB power supply that uses a detachable cable and that works OK (that is it has a USB socket on the adapters case) , but again these switchers and no good for SW radio use anyway. I have 2 of these cell phone switching chargers that use a hard wired cable and neither will work with Degen radios as pin 4 is negative (ok with the PSR-800 scanner however and Tecsun sets).

Anyway with the great AC Adapter that CCrane sells, the hard wired output cable is using the proper configuration for RADIO products (pin 4 is +), so all good on that front for Degen or Tecsun USB powered sets. Again it is truly 100% analog, does not use switching electronics AND OR a switching regulator. It is extremely clean and a true "analog" power supply.

However we need to cover 2 sour notes. First being that the power rectifiers lack any bypass capacitors across them. So that will create a bit of switching "hum" with Strong SW signal reception using indoor antenna's. But this could be fixed for someone handy and being it's screwed together (just add 4 - .01uf disc caps across the power rectifier diodes which we did...and FIXED). # 2 is the lack of any heat sink compound on the regulator (it's bare) , but another one that can be easily corrected (just add it). 

If you own a SW receiver that uses a USB jack for power, it's worth to have at least one of these on hand. I have been unable to locate an equal on this (not even close). You seen this information here first on DRRP !! 

IMPORTANT NOTE : As I type this I cannot be certain how many of these AC Adapters CCrane can supply for outside use of what it was intended for (and imported by CCrane for the Witness Plus radio/recorder product). So depending if they have a huge request for these because of this review, availability just might be limited or restricted by the time you read this?? Hopefully this will not be a problem (but is certainly a possibility)??
Dave N9EWO
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If you own a SW receiver that uses a Mini-USB jack for power it's worth to have at least one of these ANALOG 5 volt Regulated AC Adapters (sold by CCrane in the USA) on hand if you are able to acquire one . I have been unable to locate an equal on this AC adapter (not even close) . Click on left photo above for more infomation , right photo for larger internal view. You seen this information here first on DRRP !! (left photo : CCrane, Right Photo : N9EWO) 

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