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            USA Icom dealer "Universal Radio" stresses these important reminders to IC-R8600 owners (especially for those who DID NOT read the included printed manual).
            Operational reminders ...
            Be sure to insert the supplied "short connector" into the radio's rear panel if using Icom's AD-55NS or SP-39AD.
            Do not accidentally try to insert a PL-259 connector into "Antenna Jack 1". (This is an "N" jack).

            ICOM's SDR "IC-R8600" WIDE-BAND RECEIVER. Now available in the USA for around $ 2600. USD "street price" ($ 3400. in Canada). See our review page here for the latest news and user notes / tips.
            • ”Yaesu's new "System Fusion II" : Any real information as I type this text is near zero. Is all this is amounts to is the "Digital ID" feature additions to other Fusion radios (that the FT-70D has right now) ?? Click on photo below for the ad that appears in the September 2017 issue of QST. Don’t see any time frame on this when it’s to be released (firmware updates) ?? Unknown "for sure" if these Fusion II enhancements (whatever they are) will be available on older discontinued C4FM sets such as the FT-1D and FT-1XDR HT’s ??
              Lets hope Yaesu finally REALLY FIXES the Wires-X software (HRI-200) soon !!! The latest 1.22 version has even more bugs appearing now. We can only make the older 1.12 version to work here (with Windows 7) and does not work with the FT-70DR HT unless we keep it on analog. Yaesu appears to not have a clue (or doesn't care) what REALLY up with the WIRES-X software ?? Versions 1.2 and 1.22 stop working as the Node and Room data are loading. NO,'s not firewall's or anti virus that is causing it either (sorry Yaesu) !!  (Aug 14)

            Yaesu's new "Fusion II" : Click on photo above for the ad that appears in the September 2017 issue of QST. No "real" information to be found as I type this.
            "Universal Radio Is Moving. In the coming months Universal Radio will move its operations to a more efficient location here in the Columbus, Ohio area where we can continue to serve our loyal customers. This will be the fourth location change since Universal was founded in 1942.  We look forward to many more years of serving the amateur and short wave communities which Universal Radio has done for 75 years. Several spaces are currently under consideration. All are within 30 minute drive of the current location. More details soon !"

            Ohio Radio Retailer "Universal Radio" Is Moving To A New Location.

            New "CC Skywave SSB" portable. Availability date is unknown.
            • "Shortwave Receivers Past & Present - Communications Receivers - 1942-2013", 2nd Printing "ON SALE" : The 4th edition of this excellent publication is now back in stock with the the 2nd printing . Weight of this 800 page "Hard Cover" book (that's 400 sheets of paper) is 6.2 pounds (2.8 kg), so is quite heavy. UPDATE : Now on sale for $ 39.99 plus shipping !! (Updated : Aug 04)

            "Shortwave Receivers Past & Present" 4th edition by Fred Osterman (in hard cover).
            Back in stock with the 2nd printing. If you always wanted a copy "now" is the time as it's on sale for $ 39.99 USD (+ shipping).
            • Yaesu "FT-70DR" Fusion HT / "WIRES-X" : We now have a test sample of Yaesu's new FT-70DR "Fusion Dual Band" handheld Transceiver at HQ. It is made in Japan, not China. No GPS or APRS, 2 cool LED's on top to indicate mode and TX/RX status (these can be turned off is desired). Only one band at a time, and is the same size as the discontinued FT-1XDR. Production PDF "owners manual" available here (NOTE : Is totally different than the FCC "Pre-Production" version). Became available in early July (USA) after a number of delays. Yaesu released new 1.01 CPU firmware for the FT-70DR AND "Free" ADMS-10 programming software on July 12th (see files tab on Yaesu's main page here). A little difficult to do either procedure but is not too bad once you fully understand it. So far it's been excellent with our limited time out of the box, stellar ergonomics and audio quality (TX and RX). However the Analog internal mic audio is less than with digital (same trait as with other Fusion HT's), so be aware of that. Much more later of course. WIRES-X : We are also in testing of a HRI-200 "Wires-X" interface. We now have that available to chat to those Amateurs who have that capability. Our Node is 30778 / Room is 40778 (also look for "Dave's Radio RX Page"). It's on intermittently or on a schedule basis (at the usual N9EWO email contact as above to set that up). HUGE appreciation goes to "Carl S." for his help on this.  UPDATE :As much as we have tried and tried again, have been unable to get the new version 1.2 and 1.22 of the WIRES-X software to work with Windows 7, so back to 1.12 for now and in analog only to be able to use it with the FT-70DR HT. Versions 1.2 and 1.22 keep blowing up as it loads the Nodes and Rooms list and NO it's not firewalls or anti virus that is causing it (tested that). (Updated :  Aug 14)

            Yaesu's New "Dual Band" FT-70DR Fusion HT , more simple over the same size FT-1XDR with no GPS/APRS and one band at a time. Now available at Yaesu dealers (USA and elsewhere). We now also have a WIRES-X connection available for Ham voice contact.
            Tivdio V-115 SW portable with built In "Off Air" MP3 Recorder. Dirt cheap and even has a built in MP3 "Off Air" recorder (and a Micro SD card slot). Uses the typical BL-5C lithium ion battery for power.
            • Grundig Satellit 800 (Tecsun HAM-2000) Review : N9EWO's Satellit 800 / HAM-2000 Review is now available here. Again we normally do not review discontinued products anymore. But have been making exceptions depending the availability of test samples and if I wish to cover that model. The Satellit 800 was well worth the review effort. It's a excellent LARGE SW receiver and in our opinion the Chinese have yet to top it (not even close). (Jul 04)

            Rob Sherwood's (NC0B) excellent presentation at the 2017 Hamvention on “Direct Sampling Radio's” is worth a peek.

            Yaesu USA has now moved the "Fusion" Firmware Updates on the web site (except the FT-991/A), including for the FTM-100D.
            • "DV1 Manager" Software : Software available for the AOR AR-DV1 from F5HPE. Frederic updates this as needed. Free version available but accepts donations to help continuing improvements and of course for his time to develop it. We of course are unable to test this software (no AR-DV1 here). (Apr 15)

            "DV1 Manager" Software for the AOR AR-DV1 WideBand Receiver (Free Version available).
            • Yaesu VX-3R and FT-1XDR : The Yaesu VX-3R "Micro" dual band Handie Talkie AND the Digital "Fusion" FT-1XDR HT have both been discontinued and sold out. The VX-3R was in the market place since 2007 (10 years) and has not seen a great track record for reliability with frustrating bugs and issues over it's entire lifetime on the market. We are not aware of a Yaesu "Micro" replacement HT at the time this text was typed (but I'm not saying that one could not's unknown ?). Who knows, could this be the end of ALL Micro sized HT's ?? My FT-1XDR review can be found here.
            UPDATES :  We tested TWO new VX-3R samples from the LAST production lot (Feb 2017), some issues have been improved from our 2007 tests (but not many). However BOTH of the Feb 2017 samples were defective (dead internal charging and bad "dark" LCD display). So this tells us that it's excessive quality control issues still plagued the model to the end.....Caveat Emptor !! See my updated VX-3R review here that now covers the TWO Defective 2017 samples.
            From reader requests we have reposted the (also discontinued) Baofeng UV-3R Micro HT Reviews (located on the bottom of the Yaesu VX-3R page). The "UV-3R MK II" model is still available new on ebay for around $ 30. as I type this. We have totally updated the Mark II review and the latest received UV-3R test sample was also received DEFECTIVE (yes...another bad LCD screen). But we tested this anyway along with the original sample from 2011 via the local owner for the updated report. If anyone wishes to acquire another "new" Mark II test sample and send it along [donate] for one final chance retest....please let me know ($ 26. shipped on ebay via a USA location...I'm located in the USA , however I'm unable to make any ebay purchases....."Thank You"). The UV-3R is still a excellent "micro" HT provided it's not a dud sample. With 2 watts RF output and DSP receiver, it clearly is more powerful than anything Yaesu has ever made in a micro HT.

            Also turns out that the Yaesu FBA-37 "3 AA cell battery case" will indeed fit / work on the UV-3R Mark II (with a slight modification). There is a lower cost Chinese clone available of this AA case (called the GA-37B, sorry not tested). Neat !! (Updated : Jun 30)

            Yaesu VX-3R Micro HT and FT-1XDR Fusion HT have both been discontinued and sold out. We have reposted (and updated) the Baofeng UV-3R Micro HT reviews (located on the bottom of the Yaesu VX-3R review page)
            • ICOM IC-7610 : The new “Icom IC-7610 SDR Transceiver” Japan market release is now "perhaps" AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2017 at a MSRP of 368,000 Yen ?? That converts to a bit under $ 3300. USD. So given the usual duty and other fees involved added on, my "guess" is should be around $ 3800~4000. USA street price at release ?? If the late JULY release in Japan happens, my crystal ball guess again (without any FCC OET clearance or other issues) is should hit the USA market around  NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017 ??
              "IC-7610 Pre-Release Brochure" (download here). "non-FAN-tasic"......looking at this Pre-Release brochure shows the IC-7610 "RECEIVE" current at 3 AMPS (3.5 amps at maximum audio). As many know the IC-7600 is ALSO a HUGE “power pig” at around 3 AMPS just in receive (our IC-7600 review available here). Of course this means that the set runs on the hot side and the fan cycles in just receive mode (with never ANY transmit used at all) !! We have a gut feeling the IC-7610 fan will also operate in just RECEIVE with this current I bet identical fan operation (time will tell) ?? The excellent IC-7300’s fan NEVER comes on in just receive use being it’s current consumption is only around 840 ma’s (fancy display and all, our IC-7300 review available here). As I have already made comment to elsewhere on this web site, ANY fan operation on a radio while SWLing is a nasty unacceptable drawback to ME (sorry.....the IC-7610 is NOT going to be for me...will be passing on this pricey model !). You Tube Video's from March "ICOM Festival" Tokyo, Akihabara : Video ONEVideo TWO (showing the "DIGI-SEL" adjustment) . Icom America IC-7610 "Pre-Release" page here. (Updated: Aug 04)
            ICOM's "IC-7610" HF SDR TRANSCEIVER - Also a power pig at 3 Amps + in just RECEIVE !!! Will the fan operate with just receive use ?? My "crystal ball" says YES it will ??

            “BearTracker 885”. Yes a 40 channel CB PLUS a Digital Scanner (with built in GPS and Beartracker) in one box.

            "Standard Wireless Operations" to get ANOTHER reprieve for the RadioShack brand ??

            If your Japanese or Asian radio cabinet screw heads have a little "dot" on them, this indicates a JIS ("Japanese Industrial Standard") type of screw is being used. NOT all JIS screwdrivers are created equal however (Vessel brand are the ONLY sure thing ?). A standard Phillips type screwdriver can bugger up a JIS screw head. Click on photo above and see our provided links on this subject (as now added on that page) .
            • WJ-8711A HF Receiver Review Page "Updated" : Updated text / review on the WJ-8711A receiver. The DS1643-100+ "Real Time Clock" RAM's are no longer available (Maxium DS1643)It is REQUIRED for operation of the receiver and the internal battery does die in about 10 to 15 years after it's activated. Of course early (non A?) versions used a coin type lithium cell in a holder and this is not valid here. UPDATES : As of me typing this text, I do see availability up on ebay and Amazon from strange unknown dealers (but who knows how long these supplies will last ?). WARNING : As it goes these days, watch out for "counterfeit" manufactured ones (or ones that have been already activated....that is are USED) !! We are unaware of any workaround for this serious issue (anyone ??). (Updated : Mar 01)

            Watkins Johnson WJ-8711A : The REQUIRED DS1643-100+ RTC RAM's that are used in these receivers has been discontinued and no longer available (no known substitution or work around...??).
            • CountyComm GP-5/SSB vs. Tecsun PL-365 : Dan Robinson has provided a comparison video up on "You Tube" between a CountyCommn GP-5 / SSB (Gen 2 model) to a near Tecsun PL-365 and the audio quality appears to be slightly improved with the Tecsun ?? Seems to our ears that the lone AM mode bandwidth selection used is set (easily done with the Si4735 DSP chip) a bit narrower in the CountyComm GP-5 / SSB version ?? Too bad that there was not a user bandwidth adjustment provided with these set as with the PL-380 (and other Tecsun Si4734/4735 models). Additionally the Tecsun PL-365 appears to have "Si473x" DSP [the sometimes common problem with the Si473x] "choppy audio" issue on weak signals. It all depends how it was interfaced....A.K.A. Degen DE1126 etc. This was NOT detected much with the GP5 / SSB (Gen 2) in this video. Still a good SW pocket receiver with SSB for what it is. However our main issue with the GP-5 / SSB is it's excessive audio distortion on SSB and sadly that remains unchanged with the new "Gen 3" version in our testing. My review is still are available here (mid page), Again don't forget that the AM Antenna jack on the top (without the plug in loop) also works as a external antenna jack and not only for MW but also for SW (not for FM). We thank Dan for providing this very informative video. (Updated : Mar 01)
            "CountyComm" GP-5/SSB vs. the Tecsun PL-365 pocket portable sets with SSB (old Gen 2 model shown above). Slightly different audio quality ?? See Dan Robinson's "You Tube" comparison video here.
            • Icom IC-7300 Notes : "Line Audio Output" : Added comments with our IC-7300 review in regards to the now tested "Line Output" at pin 12 of the 13 pin rear connector, plus updated "Voice Synthesizer" information at this output (as well as the built in SD card recorder).....yes it can indeed "voice stamp" recordings...excellent. My apologies that I missed this important feature in the original report (it's not set ON at default). See my review for more information on this topic.
            IC-7300 ver 1.14 Firmware Update :  Icom released "version 1.14" firmware for the IC-7300 SDR HF Transceiver back on October 4th, 2016.  Adam's VA7OJ's "Yahoo Group" forum users reported that there are issues with MW (AM Broadcast) reception where that band becomes very noisy and useless (severe OVF overloading that cannot be controlled properly ?). We did the 1.14 update here at HQ and works OK...however, indeed it is more sensitive to OVF overload (MW band and elsewhere). I do indeed have the "MW band ATT" OFF.  I have no OVF indication with no preamps, some OVF with Preamp 1 with a super strong signal (and or lots of band noise) and lots with Preamp 2 with the conditions. I use a passive RF Systems 55 foot MLB long wire for MW and SW. Of course if anyone is using receive antenna's with internal preamps (say the Wellbrook Loop) this will make this OVF overload issue much WORSE !! In those situations these folks may have to keep the "MW band ATT" ON (located in the menus) and or to reduce the RF gain as required.

            Icom's IC-7600 and IC-R9500 Dismal "Spectrum Scope" (video) : Here is a "You Tube" video that shows the POOR Spectrum Scope on the elder Icom IC-7600 HF transceiver (as well for the IC-R9500 receiver which uses the same design) for ANY weak signal detection (video using a Icom IC-7600 and SDRplay RSP-1) !!! I have run my own tests with the Icom IC-7300 HF SDR Transceiver, and the spectrum scope is very similar to the SDRplay RSP-1 SDR receiver as used in this video. Of course there is ZERO noise grass on either ! So this is a HUGE reason why the upcoming IC-7610 transceiver and IC-R8600 wide band receiver will “kill” the older models overall both being a modern SDR design. Or just get a SDR IC-7300 for us poor folks (well for HF anyway). Best spectrum scope I have EVER used with a stand alone set and of course the "direct sampling" SDR receiver performance is just excellent too ! My IC-7300 review is still available here. (Updated : Jul 11)

            Icom IC-7300 ver 1.14 Firmware update. Works OK, except more sensitive to OVF overload. Voice Synthesizer can indeed audio stamp recordings (after selecting that ON in the menu's, default is OFF). Spectrum Scope Performance Easily Overtakes the now outdated IC-7600 or IC-R9500 sets. Higher resolution LCD too (even with it's smaller size).
            • Icom IC-7200 "Back in Production" : The Icom IC-7200 HF DSP Transceiver is back in production once again (at least for now). Unknown if any part / design changes had to be made to make this possible ? Let's hope they are using better quality Chinese fans ?? We TRIED 2 brand new samples near the end of the last run and it's internal "Dual Mini Chinese Fans" BOTH squealed like a pig. This was very VERY annoying for ME even if only operating in transmit (OK, so not everyone is sensitive to this sort of noise ??). Our first sample we had a few years before never had this fan squealing issue (it was/is a decent HF transceiver and SWL receiver). We ended up with the IC-7300 a few months later which was a excellent upgrade for our desires and still being affordable (plus including an internal antenna tuner) . Our IC-7300 review can be seen here. (Updated : Jan 06)
            Icom's IC-7200 HF DSP Transceiver has returned once again to dealer shelves. (Universal Radio Photo)
            • Sangean ATS-909X NEW Firmware has Issues / Poor Customer Service - QC from "RadioLabs" : John Case checks in with news that Sangean have changed the ATS-909X's firmware to NEW  "P-01" (from 1.29). The MAJOR downside with HIS sample of this latest "P-01" firmware is on LSB or USB modes the usable volume either drops severely or drops out near all together. John tells us that Jay Allen has also verified this bug.
            Our review on the Sangean ATS-909X can be found here using 1.29 firmware (both stock and modified). But even with the "RadioLab" mods with firmware 1.29 the MW/SW "AM Mode" the audio still disappoints greatly in our view with the 909X. I can not stand listening to a ATS-909X for more than 30 minutes on SW before my brain gets tired and MUST shut it off ! But before this firmware change it DID have very good SSB (and generally stable).

            John also reports that he has had very poor "customer service / quality control" with "RadioLabs".  He also has told us that Sangean customer service reported that P-01 is the new firmware, and is not a mistake (both white and black versions have been noted with the new P-01 firmware now). Again with John's test sample SSB was almost inaudible, even at maximum gain. His even greater problem with "RadioLabs" is they told him they had Ver 1.29 black radios in stock and would send him one, but instead sent a P-01 version. They left a ribbon cable disconnected after modification, so I he had to open the radio and reconnect it to test it. Appears that they do not check anything after replacing the filters and removing the detent. Worse, after telling RadioLabs he wanted to send it back for a refund (at John's expense), they gave him an RMA number, and even acknowledged receipt, but sat on the refund for almost 2 weeks until Paypal intervened. NOTE : Is it possible that John's sample may have been defective ??

            UPDATES : Appears there is more to the new "P-01" firmware. Avo Ohaniam reports over on "", that his new "P-01" sample suffers from greater general drift (as noticed vs. his old sample with 1.29), undesirable backlight changes, background audio hiss even on super strong signals and a higher FM Stereo threshold (that is it now takes a stronger signal for "Stereo" to kick in). However he also states that his MW reception is improved, bandwidths are wider and now has better audio quality (this is not a bad thing aside from the increased hiss). John Case is thinking that Sangean has now done away with the 2 bandwidth filters altogether and now ONLY using the DSP chip for IF bandwidth filtering. This has not been verified by us but if true of course probably makes the "RadioLabs" IF Bandwidth filter modifications no longer required. NOW....another user has reported that his ATS-909X with the 1.29 firmware has unusable SSB as well. So this saga gets even more interesting !! (Updated : Jan 16)

            We have received reports that current production samples of the Sangean ATS-909X are suffering from issues with the new "P-01" firmware. John Case's "P-01" firmware sample suffered from "Low or No Audio" when in LSB or USB modes. Others have reported different undesirable changes. But it appears to have improved audio quality (aside from the added hiss).
            • Updated SONY Page : Revamped and added a ICF-6500W receiver review (located near the bottom) to the newly named "SONY SW RECEIVER PAGE". We normally do NOT review discontinued products anymore. But we received this "donated" Sony and being it is such an interesting set even in 2016, we have made another exception. Repairs had to be made before testing could begin on this sample (as covered in the review). To our ears, it actually has better audio, SW and MW sensitivity, dynamic range and image rejection than the ICF-SW7600GR (see review top of page). Speaking of the set the ICF-SW7600GR has been discontinued ( longer available new....."so this is the end of an era for Sony and Short Wave receivers"}. UPDATES : Updated and added text to the ICF-6500W review. With properly cleaned band switches, the MW and FM performance improved greatly. (Updated : May 12)

            Revamped and added a ICF-6500W receiver review to the remaned "SONY SW RECEIVER PAGE".
            • "JVC R-S77 Synthesizer Stereo Receiver" Review :  For something a bit different, we review JVC's (Japan Victor Co.) Classic 1980 "R-S77 Synthesizer Stereo Receiver". Tired of the current lot of Stereo Receivers on the market (and this has been the case for over 25 years now) that are WORTHLESS for listening to MUSIC ?? A bit of my history here as well with stereo receivers. We just restored a sample and is a "excellent" sounding (digital tuner) stereo receiver. (Updated : Jan 01)

            JVC's first "Top of The Line" R-S77 Stereo Receiver that featured a Synthesizer Digital Tuner and "Super A" Amplifier. In our view overall JVC NEVER equaled it (performance / sound / longevity / quality of construction). (N9EWO Photo)

            Our C.Crane "FM Reflect" INDOOR FM antenna review. We found to be near excellent provided it is installed properly.
            • "SDRplay RSP1" Review : Our long awaited "SDRplay RSP1" review is now available here. My apologies for the delay. It took more time then I had planned and other issues got in the way. We also tested it with the popular DSD+ software and worked well after some troubleshooting. UPDATED : Added additional text and fixed typos. We wish to thank Sungchul Cho again for the donation of the test sample. (Updated : Oct 14, 2016)

            • Updated "Miscellaneous" Page : The "miscellaneous" page has been updated and renamed to Dave's Miscellaneous "Tidbit" Radio Stuff . New entries and neater look. Area for just about "anything" to do with radio receiver's / amateur transceiver's but not in any huge detail. Subject to add / remove any entry at any time, so check back once in awhile. I may or may not indicate any new entries on this "Misc" page on the news page. NOTE : Some of the more important older "non" news items could get moved over to here after awhile now (as a number of them have already). (Updated : Dec 02, 2016)
            • TDXone TD-Q8A Handheld Transceiver :  Our review on the TDXone TD-Q8A Dual Band HT is available here. Overall a good small "low cost" full powered "amateur radio" VHF/UHF FM transceiver. However we had issues with it's lithium Ion batteries and the included plastic antenna. UPDATE : Added additional photo that shows the recessed antenna connector. (Updated : Apr 12, 2016)
            TDXone 2meter/70cm Dual Band Handheld Transceiver. Our review is available here. (N9EWO Photo)
            • Yaesu FT-450D Review : Our Yaesu FT-450D DSP HF Transceiver review is available here. Nice set for Amateur use (receiver performance is good), but not so hot as a SWL set at least in our view. It's fair to poor ergonomics, hissy receive audio and a cooling fan that runs full time (yes even in just 100% receive only operation) makes for a sour experience. (Updated : Mar 10, 2016)

            Yaesu FT-450D DSP HF Transceiver. FAN-tasic (that is if you like fan noise !!)
            Great Ham rig with good receiver performance, but is a poor SWL set in our view.
            My review is posted here.  (N9EWO Photo)

            "I've been having some memory issues with my Yaesu FT-857D. I reloaded the memories again using the CHIRP software. The more I re-uploaded the memories the worst the problem got. The memories seemed to upload but as I rotated the select knob all the memories showed as 7.000 LSB. There were even some new memory channels that I've never seen before they were not numbers but a combination of Alpha-numeric characters.  After an email from Yaesu Tech support I was told that Yaesu does not recommend the use of CHIRP "because we have experienced corrupted CPUs in some of our radios that have used that software."  This is an exact quote from Yaesu Tech support.  Unfortunately I now have an expensive repair to look forward to ! Others need to be aware of this." (Updated : Jan 26)

            New version of the Degen DE1103 has been released . Now with DSP.
            Click on photo above for more information over on "" (Sorry, it appears to be another Degen Dud ?)
            • AOR "AR-Mini" receiver returns for USA consumers : At least for the time being the AOR AR-Mini (consumer B "cell blocked" version) micro handheld wideband receiver is back for sale in the USA. As readers to this web page already know, I reviewed this back a few years ago and can still be seen here . It is unknown how long this reprieve will last for the B version, so if you ever wanted one of these models, I would say don't wait. US dealer Universal Radio has a killer price on it as well (as I type this text anyway). (Sep 23, 2015)
             AOR AR-Mini Pocket Wideband Receiver (blocked B version) returns for USA consumers.
             But unknown for how long ?? US dealer Universal Radio has super nice price (as I type this)

            But sadly as I type this many customers are now becoming "very frustrated' with the new models and the ever growing list of serious issues. eham reviews (are not good overall) : BCD436HP here , BCD536HP here.

            Reports / information/ links via Radio Reference Forums. Bugs include (could any of these be a real deal breaker for you ??) :
            1. With early samples of the BCD536HP only (serial numbers below <38002600 ), a nasty white noise / hiss that appears via the headphone jack (all modes, squelched or unsquelched). Also the volume setting does not affect the level of the headphone jack hiss. Uniden is making this right (as of Feb 26, 2014) : "click here for more information" via Radio Reference .
            2. NASTY noise when the squelch closes (for video/audio file click here). Any settings / adjustments do not fix this (perhaps now fixed with firmware update) ?
            3. Scan speed is slower over the BCDx96XT's .
            4. Excessive "Bassy" audio with P25 decoding.
            5. Missing the very first part of a P25 transmission.
            6. Audio crackling when decoding a P25 "phase 2 system" (but not always).
            7. Difficult display with the BCD436HP (subjective).
            8. Keys Sluggish / Slow (both models, also see # 14).
            9. Other P25 Decoding Issues (both models)
            10. BCD436HP LCD defects with certain samples.
            11. Problem with BCD536HP USB mini jack
            12. Less sensitive when compared to elder products (same antenna's).
            13. BCD396XT more sensitive over BCD436HP.
            14. P25 Phase II reception and/or Recording function Bogs down Microprocessor .
            15. BCD436HP LCD Failures.
            16. Other CPU Noises on BCD536HP.
            17. BCD436HP LCD Lens is a Scratch Magnet .
            18. BCD436HP Internal Speakers Blowing Out (same issues as with the BCD396T and BCD396XT, see below for more on this) !!
            19. Paint wearing off keypads (but this can be an issue with the BCD396XT as well with heavy use).
            20. BCD536HP : Display Backlight fading. 50% loss of brightness in use.
            21. "Clock Reset Issue" (ANOTHER recall on some samples)
            (Uniden has FINALLY fixed this issue , for information "click here")
            22. BCD436HP : The "pressure type" speaker contacts become internment (no longer use wires with soldered connections)
            23. BCD436HP : Display Backlight fading. 50% loss of brightness in use. This is getting to be a MAJOR issue (just as with the BCD536HP's..see #20.) UPDATE : Appears that Uniden has started to use a new display and OR backlighting LED's at least with the BCD436HP's ? [also see here for pictures of the new display].
            UHF Reception Issues due to Noise from Battery Compartment (BCD436HP) (Micro SD card slot noise ?? Another MAJOR drawback for the BCD436HP !! Uniden has NOT addressed this issue as of this text being added)

            (Here is a "very important" note from the manual) : " WARNING ! If you connect an external speaker to the scanner’s Ext. SP Jack or Headphone Jack, never connect the audio output line to a power supply and ground. This might also damage the scanner. BCD536HP Only - All audio output is Class-D amplified (PWM). Never connect Ext. the SP Jack or Headphone Jack to an external Class-D AMP. "So be extremely careful if you take the output from the receiver speaker jacks to say the input of some another amplifier or other device (perhaps use a proper isolation audio transformer ??) !!

            BCD436HP Internal Speaker's Blowing Out "the same old story" : The excessive "blow out" speaker failures that plagued the BCD396T and BCD396XT continue in the new BCD436HP !! By looking at internal pictures (see link below), Uniden is still using a weird " 24 ohm 0.5 watt " internal speaker as with the older BCD396 models in the BCD436HP (however it has a different number printed on it). Information found in the HP owners manual specs (page 89) that states a 0.8 watt speaker being used is dead wrong !! The BCD436HP's speaker is now held in place using a spring clip . It is not hot glued in as with the old BCD396T and XT models so now it can rattle/buzz as well . Also the connections to the speaker are only being made with pressure pin contacts to the controller PC board. In other words the speakers wires are no longer soldered to the speaker . Hint : Perhaps if one turns up the volume it up too far into distortion (a trait of the old 396 models) , say past 8 or 9.....could this be a issue to these failures ?? I NEVER use my BCD396XT past 9 at any time to put less stress on it !! Note : We do not own or have used a BCD436HP to verify this but it looks like Uniden did not learn from the excessive speaker failure issues from past models !! Very sad it is !!

            Internal Recording Feature : With the BCDx36HP models, you record everything or nothing. On the GRE PSR-800 (now the Whistler WS1080), you can select which channels / frequencies are to be recorded . The super cool "multi color" backlight as in the older XT models has now gone away. Now it's just a lone white backlight , (well at least it is not that deep blue backlight that was used with the BCD396T which is hard to see at all) .

            Internal Photo's of the BCD536HP (click here and are down the page) .
            Internal Photo's of the BCD436HP (click here and are down the page) .

            New owners should read the Uniden TWiki web pages before operation : BCD436HP and BCD536HP .

            Again the BCD436HP handheld is just too B-I-G for me at 6.3 x 2.8 x 1.5 inches !! I love the size of the BCD396XT for real pocket use with it being 4.8 x 2.3 x 1.1 inches . Please Note : We still have our BCD396XT mini review on the bottom of my updated GRE PSR-800 / Whistler WS1080 page .

            These new Uniden Scanners use separate FM normal and narrow filters : Interesting posting over on Radio Reference (with photo's) that point out the "actual" IF filters used between the GRE PSR-600, the old Uniden BCD-996XT and the latest BCD536HP. The GRE PSR-500 / 600 (and Radio Shack PRO-106 /197) used 2 IF filters for the normal and narrow FM filtering. Where the older BCD396XT / BCD996XT only used used one filter with some fancy audio shaping for FM narrow and latest BCD436HP / BCD536HP now uses 2 separate filters (just like GRE did). (Updated : Jun 02, 2017)

            Uniden's BCD436HP Handheld (left photo) and BCD536HP Desktop / Mobile (right photo) "Scanners".  However both models have now seen a "never ending" long shopping list of issues (see above). We feel Uniden needs to totally start over and abandon these models completely !!
            Degen's DE1128H (right photo) is much improved over the old Grundig G2 Reporter / Degen 1128 model (left photo) .

            CCrane Witness + USB AC power adapter also works for excellent CLEAN reception for radios that use a USB Mini jack for power . If you own a SW receiver that uses a USB jack for power , it's worth to have at least one of these . I have been unable to locate an equal on this (not even close) . My mini-review on this AC Adapter can be found here (dead bottom of page) . You seen this information here first on DRRP !!
            However , we have received many reports directly with even later made Degen DE1126 samples (most using the V01.8 firmware) that are having nasty MP3 dropout issues, yes just like the Grundig G2 Reporter.  So I can no longer recommend the purchase of any remaining Degen DE1126 or DE1127 samples (your risk as they say, and perhaps that bug does not bother you ?) . Again see the review page for more information (bottom). (Updated: Jan 12, 2016)

            Tom from New Zealand tells us , Degen's DE1131 "pocket marvel" (left photo) does not suffer from the dreaded MP3 skipping trait . He also reports that the audio has also been improved over the old DE1126 . The updated DE1128H (right photo), is "greatly" improved over the old non H version (a.k.a. : Grundig G2 Reporter). No more MP3 dropouts for one and better audio (receiver section is unchanged). See my review here on the bottom of this page.

            N9EWO Review's the Sangean ATS-909X (Stock and RadioLabs Versions) , Tecsun PL-660 and PL-880. (N9EWO Photo's)

            MW122A power supply runs very hot out of the box with the Satellit 800, e1 or SW-8.
            My mods will help to make it run a bit cooler. Click on photo above for more information. (N9EWO Photo)

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