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            - 7 page review in the November 2017 edition of QST (download here via Icom America's web site).
            - CPU Firmware 1.20 (USA Version linked here)
            - CS-R8600 1.20 Software update

            Our friend and supporter to this web page Eric Cottrell provided some excellent information and a picture to the general parts used in the IC-R8600 as well as a few other tidbits now added to the bottom of our review. Who knows what the 4 mounting studs are for near the speaker area might be used for (or will ever be used ??).

            Important Update : It has been reported on the IC-R8600 "Yahoo Groups" (subscription required to read listings), certain production "ver 1.2" samples of the "CS-R8600 PC Programming Software" (for the IC-R8600 Receiver) are defective. They are missing the EXE file. Icom are of course quickly replacing these defective ones as needed (some with ver 1.0 which will need the 1.2 update done as covered in our review).
            (Updated : Dec 14)

            ICOM's SDR "IC-R8600" WIDE-BAND RECEIVER. Available in the USA for around $ 2500. USD "street price" ($ 3400. in Canada). Full N9EWO Review Here.
            • Icom IC-7300 Stuff : New 1.20 Firmware was released on November 30th 2017. Be sure and save the settings to the SD card BEFORE as it will clear those after the update has been done (just reload that file after). "Line Audio Output" : Added comments with our IC-7300 review in regards to the now tested "Line Output" at pin 12 of the 13 pin rear connector, plus updated "Voice Synthesizer" information at this output (as well as the built in SD card recorder).....yes it can indeed "voice stamp" recordings...excellent. My apologies that I missed this important feature in the original report (it's not set ON at default). See my review for more information on this topic. (Updated : Nov 30)

            New 1.20 Firmware was released on Nov 30th 2017. Icom IC-7300 Voice Synthesizer can indeed audio stamp recordings (after selecting that ON in the menu's, default is OFF).
            The following bugs have been fixed:
            - SCAN/SEARCH would often miss DMR signals when receive MODE was set to AUTO.
            - DMR mode with CTCSS activated: CTCSS and color code were not displayed correctly.
            - OFFSET frequency did not remain on screen after input.

            The following features have been improved:
            - Better audio quality when decoding voice inverted signals.
            - Receiver now accepts a wider variety of SD card brands .

            Important Update : It has been reported on the Radio Reference Forums that with this version 1710C firmware, the audio cuts out when receiving an analog signal with a tone. Hopefully this bug will get corrected shortly (AOR Japan is working on it) ?

            New firmware for the "AOR AR-DV1" receiver dated November 9th.

            No more "factory repairs" for the Japan Radio Co. (JRC) NRD-545 (click on photo for my review) 
            • "SDRplay RSP1" Review : Our "SDRplay RSP1" review is available here. We also tested it with the popular DSD+ software and worked well after some troubleshooting. We wish to thank Sungchul Cho again for the donation of the test sample.
            UPDATE : We have tested the "SoDiRa" SDR software with the RSP1 and added text to the review. Bernd Reiser's "SoDiRa" does not only decode FM Stereo BUT "C-QUAM" AM STEREO as well. During skywave nighttime conditions (at the time this text was added), we received CFCO in Chatham Ontario (Canada) on 630 kHz in beautiful AM STEREO (country music format). Also appears to have built in DRM AND DRM+ decoding (not tested). Please see the review for important notes installing this software. I will admit the RSP1 could use some better MW filtering as we are hearing HF Ham interference mixed in the MW band with a decent antenna (however this is not excessive). NOTE : We have no plans to test the new RSP1A version at this time. (Updated : Dec 08)

            Our review of the "SDRplay RSP1" black box receiver is available here. Added the test of the "SoDiRa" Software (which decodes AM Stereo)
            • Grundig Satellit 750 "Last Call" : We have received word that the Grundig Satellit 750 has been officially discontinued. Universal Radio (USA Dealer) will (or has) received some of the last remaining new samples from the last production run. Get them while you can !! We never thought much of the Satellit 750, as we covered in our review here. A far cry from the excellent Satellit 800 (our "Sat 800" review can be seen here). The Satellit 750 and Satellit 800 (right photo below) were both manufactured by TECSUN. (Updated : Dec 08)

            The "Grundig Satellit 750" has been discontinued (left photo above). We will use the old Radio Shack term "SOWG" here (that is "Sold Out When Gone") 

            New improved SDRPLAY "RSP1A" is now available. Price $ 20. USD more over the old RSP1 model (at the time this entry was added).
            • ICOM IC-7610 : The ICOM IC-7610 "Direct Sampling" SDR HF Transceiver was FCC OET Cleared on November 6th. FCC ID : AFJ386400. My gut feeling (crystal ball) is the street price at release will be in the $ 3999.95 USD area (UPDATE : US Street price at release $ 3900. on Nov 14th, we were not too far off).
            As we have already covered (via information as indicated in the brochure), the receiver section will draw around "3+ amps" of current which will almost guarantee a hotter running set over the IC-7300 and IC-R8600 in JUST RECEIVE MODE use. My guess is probably cycled fan operation in just RECEIVE operation just like the IC-7600 is, time will tell ? Basic IC-7610 English Manual Here , Advanced IC-7610 English Manual Here.

            Jarrad VK3BL excellent IC-7610 "You Tube" Video's (click here). IMPORTANT UPDATE : As of November 26, 2017, Jarrad has experienced RF Output failure on his IC-7610 sample.
            Sorry, we will NOT be testing this transceiver (as a SWL set or Transceiver). (Updated : Nov 26)

            Icom's new IC-7610 SDR HF Transceiver was FCC OET Cleared on November 6th (click on photo for FCC Doucments). (Universal Radio Linked Photo)
            • "Universal Radio" has Moved to a New Location as of Monday October 16th, 2017. 
            "Universal Radio has moved its operations to a more efficient location here in the Columbus, Ohio area where we can continue to serve our loyal customers. This will be the fourth location change since Universal was founded in 1942. We look forward to many more years of serving the amateur and short wave communities which Universal Radio has done for 75 years. The new location is a 30-minute drive from the old Americana location." .

            Universal Radio Inc.
            651 Lakeview Plaza Blvd. Suite B
            Worthington, OH 43085


            The V-115 does indeed have STEREO output with headphones and also records the MP3 file in Stereo. From reading eham internet reviews some samples of the V-115 FM work in Stereo with headphones and others do not (Amazon Link : it's dead in one channel (mono ??) ?? Craig found this out in his testing of the V-115 :"Proper headphone / earbud operation depends on the diameter of the reduced portion of the tip on the phone plug. Works fine with some phones, but not with others.". So the reason why some only get one channel, and it has to do with the "low quality" jack being used ?

            UPDATES TO N9EWO's REVIEW : Test sample # 2  of the V-115 arrived with a broken whip antenna, Both samples AM (MW) station breakthrough was experienced across the entire SW coverage of the radio but was not all the time (MW station power of only 1000 watts at approx. 5 miles away). We also found the V-115's internal charging indicator to be indifferent with both samples. See N9EWO review text for details.
            Text bugs now fixed with a number of additional findings added as well (Ver 5.0), sorry for the confusion. (Updated : Oct 29)

            Craig Menning checks out the TIVDIO V-111 , V-115 and Kaito KA29. The V-115 and KA29 both have built in "Off Air" internal recording functions. Includes internal pictures and N9EWO's V-115 Review (bottom of this page).
            • Grundig Satellit 800 (Tecsun HAM-2000) Review : N9EWO's Satellit 800 / HAM-2000 Review is available here. Again we normally do not review discontinued products anymore. But have been making exceptions depending the availability of test samples and if I wish to cover that model. The Satellit 800 was well worth the review effort. It's a excellent LARGE SW receiver and in our opinion the Chinese have yet to top it (not even close).
            • Baofeng UV-3R Micro HT / GA-37B AA Battery Holder : From reader requests we have reposted the (discontinued) Baofeng UV-3R Micro HT Reviews (located on the bottom of the Yaesu VX-3R page). The "UV-3R MK II" model is still available new on ebay for around $ 30. as I type this. We have totally updated the Mark II review and the latest received UV-3R test sample was received DEFECTIVE (yes...another bad LCD screen). But we tested this anyway along with the original sample from 2011 via the local owner for the updated report. In a number of ways it beats out the Yaesu VX-3R (DSP receiver and more RF power for two).
            Also turns out that the Yaesu FBA-37 "3 AA cell battery case" will indeed fit / work on the UV-3R Mark II (with a slight modification).

            There is a lower cost Chinese clone available of this AA case . It's called the GA-37B, and our micro review can be found on the VX-3R page (just below the UV-3R Mark II review). It works with a few important notes.

            We have reposted (and updated) the Baofeng UV-3R Micro HT reviews (located on the bottom of the Yaesu VX-3R review page), also the GA-37B AA Battery Holder.
            • WJ-8711A HF Receiver Review Page "Updated" : Updated text / review on the WJ-8711A receiver. The DS1643-100+ "Real Time Clock" RAM's are no longer available (Maxium DS1643). Of course early (non A?) versions used a coin type lithium cell in a holder and this is not valid here. 
            As of me typing this text, I do see availability up on ebay and Amazon from strange unknown dealers (but who knows how long these supplies will last ?). WARNING : As it goes these days, watch out for "counterfeit" manufactured ones (or ones that have been already activated....that is are USED) !!

            Watkins Johnson WJ-8711A : The DS1643-100+ RTC RAM's that are used in these receivers has been discontinued and no longer available.
            • SONY Page : Revamped and added a ICF-6500W receiver review (located near the bottom) to the newly named "SONY SW RECEIVER PAGE". We normally do NOT review discontinued products anymore. But we received this "donated" Sony and being it is such an interesting set even in 2016, we have made another exception. Repairs had to be made before testing could begin on this sample (as covered in the review). To our ears, it actually has better audio, SW and MW sensitivity, dynamic range and image rejection than the ICF-SW7600GR (see review top of page). Speaking of the ICF-SW7600GR , it has been discontinued ( longer available new....."so this is the end of an era for Sony and Short Wave receivers"}.

            Revamped and added a ICF-6500W receiver review to the remaned "SONY SW RECEIVER PAGE".
            • "JVC R-S77 Synthesizer Stereo Receiver" Review :  For something a bit different, we review JVC's (Japan Victor Co.) Classic 1980 "R-S77 Synthesizer Stereo Receiver". Tired of the current lot of Stereo Receivers on the market (and this has been the case for over 25 years now) that are WORTHLESS for listening to MUSIC ?? A bit of my history here as well with stereo receivers. We restored a sample and is a "excellent" sounding (digital tuner with preset memories) stereo receiver.

            JVC's first "Top of The Line" R-S77 Stereo Receiver that featured a Synthesizer Digital Tuner and "Super A" Amplifier. In our view overall JVC NEVER equaled it (performance / sound / longevity / quality of construction). (N9EWO Photo)

            Our C.Crane "FM Reflect" INDOOR FM antenna review. We found to be near excellent provided it is installed properly.
            TDXone 2meter/70cm Dual Band Handheld Transceiver. Our review is available here. (N9EWO Photo)
            • Yaesu FT-450D Review : Our Yaesu FT-450D DSP HF Transceiver review is available here. Nice set for Amateur use (receiver performance is good), but not so hot as a SWL set at least in our view. It's fair to poor ergonomics, hissy receive audio and a cooling fan that runs full time (yes even in just 100% receive only operation) makes for a sour experience.

            Yaesu FT-450D DSP HF Transceiver. FAN-tasic (that is if you like fan noise !!) Great Ham rig with good receiver performance, but is a poor SWL set in our view. My review is posted here.  (N9EWO Photo)
            Degen's DE1128H (right photo) is much improved over the old Grundig G2 Reporter / Degen 1128 model (left photo) .

            MW122A power supply runs very hot out of the box with the Satellit 800, e1 or SW-8.
            My mods will help to make it run a bit cooler. Click on photo above for more information. (N9EWO Photo)

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