Hidden Valley Cowboys

Shooting Stages

17 OCT 2010

Merryman Medicine Show

	3OCT2010 Rough Draft Copies

19 SEP 2010

Doolittle Desperadoes

	16 SEP 2010
	Stage Updates Posted

AUG 2010

Thurgood & Weston RR

	Notice to Shooters
	Women of the Red Dog Saloon
	Too hot to handle
	Too cold to touch

Rev. 2010-08-10 GW

JUN 2010

Triple XXX Cattle Co.

	Notice to Shooters
	Stage 3 calls for four (4) shots from an extra rifle
	You may: shoot your back-up rifle, or
	shoot your buddie's rifle, or
	a "Foreman's Rifle" will be available for this

Rev. 2010-06-10 GW

MAY 2010

Murdock Mining Co.

April 2010



Rev. 4-11 1130 gw

The Bad Guys, Inc.
Crime & Corruption for Every Good Purpose

Writing Cowboy Action Stages in HTML

You can write Stage Scenarios for Cowboy Action in HTML. There are advantages to doing this, particularly (1) just about everyone has an Internet Browser, and anyone with an Internet Browser can read and print Scenarios written in HTML. Too, HTML makes it easy to divide up your page into sections and incorporate a Stage and Target Diagram.

NO SPECIAL PROGRAMS ARE NEEDED: You do all of this with Notepad, and Paint -- which are included with Windows.

The Diagram at the left shows the basic page layout and the various sections of the scenario. This is done by incorporating a nested table into the document.

Don't panic; just download the sample by clicking the sample stage0 (below) with your browser, and then doing a file save page as HTML ONLY function.

As soon as you have done that, you can go to the directory where you saved stage0 ( Should be "My Documents unless you have another place selected ) -- go to the directory with the Windows/Explorerer and right click on stage0.html and select "open with" and then choose NOTEPAD

As soon as the document opens do a "save as" stage?.html where ? is the stage number you are working on.

This will allow you to edit the HTML Source and you can write your own scenario by just editing the data inside the HTML Tags.

The "HTML TAGS" look like this: <p>This is a paragraph.<\p>

<!--A COMMENT looks like this and is just a NOTE helping you to know what to put into your html. The COMMENT does not print on your final output document -->

Sample (STAGE0)

You can save the source using your browser, or or view it here as .PDF

Use PAINT to create your Range Diagram in the manner shown at the right.

I have edited the blank stage template into a Sample Stage 1 and you can review that here.

Sample (STAGE1)

Your HTML documents and .GIF images should all be stored in the same directory, such as \cowboy_action_shooting_stages\october_2010

you can then upload them to your web site, or zip them and send them to your buddies. Most of us just print 'em out and shoot 'em up.