(these are examples of questions you may be asked in class)

  1. To pass the class with a "C" grade or better, what percentage must you attain?
  2. Students may be dropped without warning after they have missed how many classes?
    (Be sure to sign the attendance sheet each day.)
  3. If you have missed (or will be missing) class, should you call the instructor to let them know?
  4. If you have missed class, what should you do to get class announcements, required assignments, or to go over course material covered that day?
  5. How many tests are you allowed to miss in this course without it hurting your grade? Missed tests must be "made up" by when? Do you get full credit for make-up tests?
  6. If you have missed a test (or will be missing a test) and will be making it up by the next class meeting, should you call the instructor to let them know?
  7. What information must be written on all papers submitted?
  8. As per school guidelines, how many hours should you spend out of class studying for every hour spent in class? Should you keep a record of your study time? Are you encouraged to form study groups?
  9. Is there a texbook companion web site that goes along with this text?  Indicate some features on the web site that may help you succeed in this course?
  10. Is there an astronomy lab that goes with this course?  Is it required?  Where is it?