How to Get Started with Blackboard

Use either Internet Explorer or Netscape to browse the web (AOL not recommended). Access is provided at the AHC library, the Lompoc center, and most city libraries, Internet café's, and your friend's houses.


Enter the following URL in the ADDRESS section: "" (without the quotes).

Click on the Icon for "Blackboard".  Select "Login"


Input your USERNAME and PASSWORD.  Your USERNAME will be your initials (first name first) with the last five digits of your social security number, all lower case. For example, Joe Shmo with SS# 123-45-6789, would have user name "js56789" (without the quotes). Your "Password" will be the same, unless you already have an account with "Blackboard" through another class, in which case your Password will remain as it was.  (Tips: Make sure that your caps lock key is turned off.  Don't forget to click the "login" button.)


Welcome to "Blackboard"!  (If nothing appears, click the browser "refresh" button.) You should see an "announcements" page for the class.  From the "My Courses" area, select the class you are in (Astronomy 100) from the list shown to get to the "Announcements" page where all important announcements and assignments for the course may be found.  Be sure to check this page often and always select "View All".


Follow the instructions given in the first announcement to familiarize yourself with the Blackboard system and to view the class syllabus.


Scroll down to the bottom of the syllabus and click on "Semester Plan" to view the assigned reading material, and "Semester Calendar" to view important dates related to the course.  Click on the "Textbook Companion Website" link to access a wealth of material provided by the publisher to complement your text. You will receive other assignments related to this web link.


Near the very bottom of the syllabus, you will see a link to help prepare you for the Syllabus Quiz to be taken in class. Click on this and try to answer the questions given. Be sure you know the answers before coming to class.


I will be available after class, to assist you with this process. Even if you have no prior computer experience, we will provide computer access and help in browsing the web and completing web-related class assignments. Be sure to ask for help and assistance!