The Republic of Ecuador HC/HD DX Award
Issued by the DX-TA-SEA DX CLUB (WW8DX), this multicolored diploma measuring 8.5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 28 cm) is awarded to Amateur Radio Operators and Short Wave Listeners for confirming contacts (SWL reception of) the 20 different Ecuadorean HC & HD prefix areas, HC1-HC0 and HD1-HD0 (including HC8/HD8-Galapagos Islands and HC9/HD9 & HC0/HD0-Special Event and Contest Prefixes).
This award has been developed to recognize past Amateur Radio activities from Ecuador, named after the Equatorial Line, as well as to promote future DX operations from the 20 different HC & HD prefix areas.
Class D-(Brass) - contacts with (reception of) 1-5 prefixes
Class C-(Bronze) - contacts with (reception of) 6-10 prefixes
Class B-(Silver) - contacts with (reception of) 11-15 prefixes
Class A-(Gold) - contacts with (reception of) 16-20 prefixes
A special trophy will awarded free of charge to those holding the Class A (Gold) Diploma and confirming all 20 prefixes.
All contacts or SWL reports must be made after November 20, 1945. Contacts may be made using different personal callsigns, but, they must be made from within the same DXCC country. Endorsements are available by Band, Mode or QRP < 5W.
Basic diploma with any amount of endorsement stickers:
$5.00 US or 4 Euros (or equivalent - foreign currency accepted at current exchange rate) or 6 new style IRC’s (valid ONLY if properly stamped).
Class endorsements: (any amount) at later dates: SAE + $2.00 US or 1 Euro (or equivalent) or 2 new style IRC’s.
All awards and endorsements are free to Ecuadorean Amateur Radio Operators and Ecuadorean SWL’s.
(DO NOT SEND QSL’s) Send LIST of QSO’s or GCR List indicating: STATION WORKED (HEARD), DATE, BAND, MODE & special endorsement to:
Dr. Rick Dorsch, NE8Z/HC1MD
P.O. Box 616
Hamburg, MI 48139-0616
Dr. Rick Dorsch
P.O. Box 616
Hamburg, MI 48139-0616
“Equatorial Line Diploma”